Chapter Sixty-Eight

Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

Welcome to the world, Baby Michaelina De La Vega Factor!

Yeah, I agree. It’s a terrible name. I liked Amada much more, who cares if it amps up the Gosling/De La Vega feud??

Regelio (and Darcy) spent last week’s episode bonding with their new daughter and trying to come up with a name. Rogelio also made all of his family members do cheesy photo shoots with his new daughter. At first, Xiomara gave the impression that she didn’t like her new stepdaughter, but after she almost opened a singing/dancing studio with an old high school rival Slutty Crystal, she revealed to Rogelio that she was just a little scared to get too attached. She didn’t want Baby to take over and “derail” her life…sort of like Jane did. Luckily, XoRo’s relationship is really solid, and he promised to be a good partner to her and keep her on track. [Who else is so happy that we are finally seeing them in the mature, loving, and stable relationship they both deserve?!]

You wanna know who’s in the opposite of a mature, loving, and stable relationships? Rafael, who’s still using Catherine to get the Marbella back. Throughout the episode, Jane continually tried to get through to Rafael, who seems too focused on money to be focused on anything else. Is it possible, too, that his bad attitude (and Jane’s bad reaction to it) is causing Mateo to act up? Because he is a straight up brat right now. I love Mr. Sweetface as much as the next JTV fan, but he’s been pretty annoying lately. Luckily, Alba got through to Rafael and he ended things with Catherine…then she hit him with her car. Rafael couldn’t possibly be the one who dies…right? …right?!?!

Jane had her own drama with Adam this week. He needed a break to think about their relationship with Mateo in the picture, which made Jane weary. She thought that meant he didn’t really like Mateo. Alba, the wise old owl, pointed out that it was mature of Adam to want to take his time with such a big decision, and she helped Jane realize that she may have been scared of losing Adam, which is why she’s holding back. So, it looks like Jane and Adam are still on and I’m wondering if he’s actually going to become a series regular??

Other notes:

-I’m perpetually on the fence about Petra. Sometimes I love her. But she’s been terrible lately. Just like Rafael!

-So Luisa really has lost it so much that she’s dreamed up an inner criminal named Carl. Maybe she’ll be the one to die?