So far this has definitely been my favorite episode of season 4! Even with my usually scathing reviews, this episode was perfect! Action! Adventure! Mystery! No more of that lab coat girl or Dr. Evil’s evil twin! I seriously have no complaints, but I do have thoughts and opinions!

I loved how in this episode the lines between good and bad were a little bit more blurred. Does doing the wrong thing for the right reason make you a bad guy? I don’t think so, but that’s what this episode grappled with. The new character Ralph (which let me just say whistleswhoot-whoo! Am I right?) was a detective who knew the man was guilty and was just good at covering evidence, so even though tampering with evidence and impeding an investigation is a crime and in general a bad thing to do, if it gets a killer off the streets, maybe it was worth it? Another thing I like about him is that, usually on the show we deal with very clearly good or very clearly bad people, not usually people that maybe have more of a moral grey area. And with him we get to see a person who isn’t a natural born hero. However, I feel like this was a missed opportunity to include Elastigirl (not the Disney version, the original DC that Disney had to ask to use the name of) but I’m sure we’ll get to see her at some point down the road.


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I’m glad to see Kaitlyn getting more back story. Like seriously, what the hell happened to her?! So I’m hoping we get to see more of her past. Maybe she’ll end up using her powers for good? Also am I the only one who saw maybe a tiny spark between her and Ralph? I want to see Kaitlyn happy, but also I really wish her and Julian would get back together! They made for such a good couple, and when she went all Killer Frost on us, I felt so bad for him! And now he’s gone! So I want to see what they’re going to make of that, and I’m excited to see a new super added into the mix, and these are pretty cool powers that could end up being super helpful so Ralph is going to make a great addition to the team!
Also, I think Team Flash should give me a call to be added to the naming department because I think I’m on to something here: Stretch Armstrong! No? OK how about Elasti-GUY! Pretty great right? Fun Fact: you know how at the end of the episode Barry suggests “Plastic Man”?


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Well, Plastic Man is a real comic book hero! Although very different from Ralph, his name was Eel O’Brian (I feel like his parents could have used some help in the naming department as well) and he was a former gang banger who became a hero to get revenge on the other members who wronged him! Ralph is actually based on the “Elongated Man” from an older Flash comic, I don’t think they’ll follow the same story though because their back stories don’t really match up, but I guess that solves the name mystery?


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