This episode of American Horror Story: Cult really pushed the story where we wanted it to go, even with the opening scenes being spent with Evan playong other historical cult leaders– we did enjoy the Heaven’s Gate cult shoutout and the direct inspiration of the kool-aid drinking, but we could’ve lived without the Evan Peters as Jesus and all the over explaining. A little too much humour in our horror series this season, but back to the present day storyline we are all here for.

AHS: Cult – FX

The actual kool-aid scene came early in the episode and his making everyone drink was a high drama scene that had us speculating and guessing every second, but to our surprise there was 0 poison and the only fatality was the random background, horribly nicknamed, non-believer that refused to drink.

After the incident, most our main cast is newly  inspired to get the hell out of the cult asap. Ally and Ivy even pack up and plan to pick up Ozzy from school and never look back, only to find their nanny had picked himup early. Winter was forced to take the boy to Kai, proving herself to be the worst and least helpful character (skrew her and her wikihow).

AHS: Cult – FX (via Cosmopolitan)

Kai claims Oz iz his son, and that he frequently donated sperm to the clinic Ally used–which had us stunned because we proposed that theory in episode ONE. The women are forced to leave their son with Kai after he forces the boy to choose to stay with him (and after a pinky lock indoctrination and big, empty promises its no wonder he chose Kai–and Ally slapping the koolaid out of the boys hand probably didn’t help).

Ally proves to be the go-getter this episode, fully debunking Kai’s vlaim by going back to the clinic and bribing the receptionist to see the picture of her donor [not Kai]. She even gets a copy(?) and hatches a genius plan.  First she prepares a nice meal for Ivy and herself, lovingly lacing it with arsenic and killing her wife with kindness (and poison). Ally wants Oz to herself and she can’t trust Ivy after everything she did, and it’s not like anyone this seasonis overly innoccent so Ally was just joining the party and playing her best game. The arsenic unrealistically works very quickly and we gdt a slightly non-believable death scene from Ivy and the shifties eyed face journey from Ally that truly gave the scene the chilling quality we wanted.

AHS: Cult – FX (via Vulture)

Ally then invites Kai over and shows him the donor file, after doctoring it to have his picture and stats–flipping the script on our assumption she’d stupidly attempt poisoning a second time. Ally pulled through to be a competent character this season, and we are very proud of her but we wish we’d gotten more of Beverley amd even less of Winter (Billie does a great job, the character is just so unlikable).

And we need resolution on the bigger storyline and Bebe’s role in everything. Checklist for the finale? Kai’s demise, Ally and Oz making a new life, and closure on the SCUM storyline.