The Flash season 4 has been really great so far in my opinion! A huge step up from season 3, and with every new episode I have even more questions with even less answers, the true mark of a good action show!

I like how the show brought back the balance between Barry and The Flash. I’m glad to see the group all hanging out again, it makes Barry himself more relatable and draws you into his story more. It makes the show a lot more fun to watch especially when they have enemies that aren’t just other speedsters.

I’m honestly very glad that Jessie and Wally officially broke up. First of all, she wasn’t really a character on the show, she really just prevented Wally from dating anyone else, and also, like I said, I’m so over the speedsters, so taking one out of the equation just makes everything better. But on that cheery note, I’m glad to see Wells back, when they first brought the other Earth Wells to the show I was thinking “thats kinda just a cop out.” but now I think he’s alright, especially if we’re not going to have to see Jessie anymore.

Also, on a more technical note: Your 6 WEEKS away from your weeding and your only just now getting a dress and booking a venue?! Any online planning guide will tell you thats the type of thing you do a year in advanced AT LEAST! Seriously, at this point, I’m really on the venue’s side! And what has that other couple been doing if they’re only booking 6 weeks in advanced as well? And if you don’t have a venue, how are you supposed to send out invites? Oy vey, watching these wedding planning scenes are giving me second hand planning stress.

I really like this episodes villain, Becky. I thought it was funny how The Flash was all “Oh a Prius? No problem.” then taken town by one of 19th centuries simplest inventions, marbles! And even though Becky is using her powers for bad, come on, how many of us wish we could just trip and ex who wronged us or have them be embarrassed in public? But I don’t know how I feel about knock-off Professor X and shiny hair lab coat girl, but I guess thats just a question for another episode.


Photo from Den of Geek

This episode gave me a lot of questions for whats going to happen next week and for the rest of the season. More metas, more action, and more laughs! The Flash is one of my favorite television shows and so I’m glad to see it returned to it’s former glory! If you want to read more Flash reviews you can check that out here, here, and here. And come back next week for more Flash reviews!