We open to Nancy and Bess talking about Lucy and Tiffany and their deaths and haunting. Patrice scares the bejesus out of them.

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Patrice is from the Larspur Lane facility and the mother of Lucy and Josh. Nick has to go pick up her some who is stranded outside of town so he can wrangle in his mother. Laura shows up and warmly greets both Bess and Ace. Ace got a kiss though and an offer to move to Paris with her tomorrow. Nick goes to rescue Josh and he tells Nick that he’s closing the shop. When Nick returns to The Claw he sees Nancy trying to figure out the connection between Lucy’s and Tiffany’s murder just as Lucy’s mother, Patrice sees the papers detailing Lucy’s death. Nancy makes and exits with Ace and Laura.

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Part of finding the link between Lucy and Tiffany means going to the police station. Nancy gets to confront Karen about invading her privacy and arresting her Dad. Nancy needs access to Tiffany’s GPS records so Ace cuts in and helps the process along. Nancy, Ace, and Laura figure out Tiffany’s actual movements for two weeks prior to her death. Their next move is to the library where apparently Ace, has enemies. They need footage from the security cameras there. They are back to thinking it may have been Ryan who killed both Lucy and Tiffany. In a run-through of the night of Tiffany’s murder, they deduce that the poison was for Ryan. Not Tiffany.

While everyone wallows in guilty feelings, except Nick and Laura well and Ryan but that’s because he’s self-centered, the lights go out and something moves in the dark. Lucy generally does this when she wants to show Nancy something. Nancy sees Lucy listening in on something in the restaurant. Quickly she listens in. She goes back after Ryan. A glimpse of Lucy cuts off any hope for a confession. Ace runs a program to lock down where an email from Lucy’s account was sent from. She runs into her brother Josh.

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Did Ryan kill both women? One of them? Does Ace decide to move to Paris? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…