Dueling neighbors is always something quite intense. These two dueling neighbors in Nora and Ericka have way more in common then Ericka thought. She finds out after a crazy doctor comes to town to ask a number of questions, that Nora also had some family members who departed. The way they have been handling this has been in very different ways.

Nora, obviously has had considerably more time to cope with her losses, but she still doesn’t seem to have it completely handled correctly. She started it off by throwing a rock through the neighbors window in the middle of the night as to show her jealousy. Nora got word of the questions that are to be asked of people who had departures. She convinced her way to get a hold of the questions and devised a plan to ask the neighbor the questions as an outside the box way of learning and trying to cope more with her pain.

So it started off innocent at first, until around half way in Ericka read through the signs, and started asking the questions back to Nora, Nora didn’t take it well and Ericka confronted her as the reason for the interview was to better cope herself. Nora didn’t take well to it and went back home. It was a good battle of words and wits between the two ladies but it didn’t keep my attention the entire time.

It was a considerably shorter segment but I was more enthralled with Kevin admitting to Nora that he sees Patti, and that Patti talks to him regularly. That she is talking to him now, that she doesn’t like it, you could see how Kevin was scared to tell Nora about it, or even admit it out loud to himself. It will be interesting to see how that situation unfolds, if everyone will look at Kevin as nuts now.