Hello and welcome back to the end of Ghosted. Only 3 more episode left. I have a feeling the series will leave a lot of questions unanswered, but this is fate, for now. I was really hoping someone will pick up the new series, like with Hulu or Netflix. Let’s bounce into the episode!

g 13.2

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I love how Max drops the news about who may bug the office during a lunch, but 12 hours after he figured it out. Ava is understandably upset and decides to investigate on her own time. She finds the owner of S. A. Belles to a lodge. After about 5 or 6 martinis, each buying the other one, before she invites herself to his table, and back to his room. They both try to chloroform the other, Ava winning, before wiping her nose with her tissue and passing out herself. I wonder how the couple will wake up next episode!

g 13.3

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Someone has written an article about the Bureau Underground, with a map and arrows. Of course, people start trickling in. The first two being Max’s parents, much to our surprise. It turns out they are there to try and talk Max into switching careers, figuring now the Bureau is compromised, it would be a good time to bail. They give him his brother, Daniel’s card, and mention how he could work at his energy bar delivery group. Max does call his brother, who offers 130k a year.

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Merv asks Leroy to investigate who may have talked to the press about. Anne outs him, and Leroy confronts her about why she told everyone. She admits that they are all a team. And would not rat anyone out. Its why she is so pissed he is investigating his friends. In the end, Leroy leaves the investigation inconclusive but closed. Merv could care less. A crowd forms outside the Bureau, about 2 or 3 dozen people.  At the end of the day, the team leaves nervously, but the crowd is there to thank then for investigating the truth. It probably gave Max a feeling of accomplishment after dealing with his parents bashing his career choice.

Welp, that’s all for this episode, check out The Game of Nerds for all our Ghosted reviews. See you next week! As always, stay shiny!