Chapter Sixty-Seven

Too happy too fast?? (Photo Source: The CW)

Last week on Jane The Virgin, we learned just how important it is to delicately plan how your new boo meets your kid. It’s probably a good idea to wait 3 months and plan it out so that the S.O can give the wee little babe lots of candy. But sometimes, specifically in telenovela land, your kid catches you in the middle of a “special kiss” and your whole plan goes kaput. So Adam and Mateo met waaay earlier than she planned. Good thing they’re the real deal, right?? Right?? Sadly, Mateo worships his Daddy Rafael, so when he sees that Raf doesn’t like Adam, he’s not too keen on him, either. Until they go to a baseball game and Adam gives him a super power. This brings Rafael and Mateo around to liking Adam. Time Warp forward and Adam has even created a beautiful new cover for Jane’s “Snow Falling” book, he makes a choreographed Dance with Mateo for Jane, and Mateo even asks him NOT TO DIE. But like Rogelio and our sneaky narrator pointed out to us…how are we really supposed to feel about this random new love interest who’s been introduced halfway through the show? Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like him, but none of us should get too attached. This is a telenovela, after all, and Jane and Adam are too happy right now.

In XoRo land, Rogelio is coping with the fact that Esteban (his arch rival) and Darcy have fallen head over heals for each other. Like, it’s really weird. I would say it seems like a set up, but Esteban literally got into the birthing tub with Darcy, so it seems like it’s the real deal. Rogelio worried he’d be the “stage hand” parent now that Esteban is in the picture, but as usual, Xiomara doled out some majorly sage advice and he just inserted himself into the action (and that birthing tub). Now, Rogelio has another daughter, Jane has a half sister, and Mateo has a “baby aunt” as Alba put it.

At the Marbella, Rafael continued to woo (slash whore himself out too) the potential  new buyer of the Marbella. I don’t care about her enough to remember her name. She’s shady. And why is she so eager to meet Rafael’s kids? I don’t know. Maybe I’m overly suspicious because of this show…or maybe I’m JUST the right amount of suspicious! Elsewhere in the Marbella, Petra continued to try and deal with Magda and Anezka, who now know about Rafael’s plan and want more money. The thing is…none of this may matter in a few episodes, because Luisa and one of Rose’s henchmen want to burn the Marbella down for the insurance money!

and don’t forget…SOMEBODY. WILL. DIE!!

Any guesses?