I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy since the very first episode, every so often I get tired of the over exaggerated plots or underwhelming character development. But I always come back.

This season has been the worst by far.

I understand Shonda Rhimes is now busy with all the MARVELOUS (over dramatized), AWARD WINNING (thinly veiled similar story line) television series she has started. I get it, she is ABC’s cash cow, but COME ON. Patrick Dempsey’s death after a sub-par season is one thing but having me sit through two hours of a sped through year is a waste of the viewers, actors, writers and channels time.

You know what would totally help the story line? Adding Meredith leaving for  year so the other Doctors can mention it at every episode after it when they make an obscure reference.

Long story short, I am going t watch this show because I want to know what happens but I am NOT going to enjoy it anymore.