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Will & Grace – Rosario’s Quinceañera

Rosario gets killed off, Karen's nemesis returns, and Will fights with Grace
Will & Grace - Season 1
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With actress Shelley Morrison having retired from acting, Rosario has been noticeably absent from this new batch of Will & Grace episodes. The writers and creators wanted to give her a proper sendoff in the fall finale, so they killed her off.

You read that right, Rosario the greatest character to ever grace our screens, was murdered. Will & Grace gave her a fatal heart attack to drive home the fact that she was the most important person in Karen’s life.

Karen arranges a beautiful quinceañera themed funeral but understandably, she’s too distraught on the day of to actually attend the service. It doesn’t help that Stan’s old prison mistress/Karen’s third husband’s daughter Lorraine Finster shows up to mess with Karen and steal her earrings.

She spends most of the episode in the bar next door (with the bartender we all know and love, Smitty) and each of the main four take turns going in there to console her and try to help her deal with her grief.

Will & Grace - Season 1
Source: Will & Grace // NBCU

Grace goes in first, and while starting off sweet and talking about her experiences with grief after her mom died (RIP Bobbi Adler & Debbie Reynolds!) but manages to make the whole thing about her and annoy Karen more than help her. When it’s Jack’s turn, Karen makes him sing songs and do various dances from throughout the decades – putting Sean Hayes’ talent for physical comedy front and centre. Last but not least, Will goes in there and hugs her against her will, which ends up being exactly what she needs to gather her strength and say her goodbyes to Rosie.

In a very sweet scene, Karen sits by the coffin and talks to Rosario from the heart, thanking her for everything and saying goodbye, in a very Karen way. She passes on her mother’s ring and then just sits with her fallen friend for a while.

There’s also this weird subplot about Will & Grace fighting because he was making business decisions without her and then she says that he works for her and not with her and they both say how tacky it is that they’re doing this at a funeral but then they keep fighting because duh, they’re always fighting.

Will & Grace - Season 1
Source: Will & Grace // NBCU

Will & Grace will be back with more episodes on December 5th stay tuned to TGON for updates until then!

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