As always spoilers ahead.

You’ve been warned.

Our episode opens with Lucifer in bed with some woman. Big surprise. Lucifer gets a surprise though when the woman’s husband shows up. Instead of hiding Lucy seeks him out and does his whole charming ass guy shtick. Some devil powers reveal this guy doesn’t really care and would prefer his ex. A win-win for the two. Lucy even makes a devil deal with him.

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Now to the police station. Decker asks for more responsibility from Lt. Pierce. She wants to be a union rep, he denies it but gives her a new case. Gosh he is such a dick but I love him.

Back to Lucy’s penthouse, Amenadiel was there waiting for Lucy. Amenadiel  tells him how he concluded that Lucy is his test from God. Lucy recommends to try approaching the test by “walking a mile in his shoes.” Lucy gives him permission to use his social media and closet. WWLD? What would Lucifer do?

At the crime scene. Emily Goddard was found dead in a trough at a clinic for troubled youth, reform program called Fire Hawk. She was stabbed in her office fell out the window and landed in the trough. No murder weapon found but it is likely a knife or tool.

The owner is Jerry Blackcrow. He said that everyone loved Emily and the killer mustn’t be from the clinic, obviously Lucy disagrees.

A tool belt was found in Emily’s office missing a blade and according to Black Crow it belonged to a resident.

Oh yeah by the way this clinic is on like a horse ranch. So they are in the horse stable trying to figure out who the tool belt was assigned to. It is here that Lucifer learns that the well behaved students there are rewarded a set of wings in pin form. Lucy is outraged.

The belt was assigned to Tyson Chase.

Now to Amenadiel looking devlish in Lucy’s duds at Lux.

And Amenadiel gets shut down.

Round two: drink in the face.

Round three: woman with napkin comes to the rescue.

At the station Decker and Dan are looking for Tyson Chase.

Decker wants to know why Pierce is such a dick to her. I think that’s just his thing. Dan thinks it’s Lucifer.

Turns out Lucy’s friend from earlier (the woman’s husband) is a judge and Lucy wants his favor now. Tyson is a minor so his record is sealed, the judge can fix that though.

The judge fixes it and Lucy tracks him down.

Lucy finds Chase hot wiring a car. Lucifer hi-jinks ensue. Lucy after taking Chase’s I’d rather die then go back speech too seriously, Chase is willing to spill all the beans.

Lucy brings Chase to Decker. They proceed with questioning. He denies the murder. Chase had feelings for her. He blames himself but he didn’t kill her. She was worried about some soon to be expelled resident and that’s why they were heard fighting prior. Decker believes him, Lucy does not.

Uh oh Lucy goes back in the interrogation room. Pierce likes Lucy’s method, Decker not so much. Pierce calls him a good influence.

Back at Fire Hawk. Lucy is there to proof he is a bad influence. This turns into a lesson one how to deal drugs. Hilarity ensues.

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Turns out someone was actually growing pot on the ranch.It was Carly.

Now for some hands on experience. Drug cultivating with the students.

“Don’t get high on your own supply.”

“Snitches end up in ditches.”

“Drugs not hugs.”

Just some lessons from Lucy.

The fun ends when Decker interrupts the class.

Turns out the soon to expelled student was someone who was running a drug operation from the clinic, Carly.

Dan bails out Amenadiel. He got in to a fight after not paying his prostitute.

The working theory is Carly killed Emily but she is not talking. She is all lawyer-ed up. Lucy is stoned and Pierce loves it.

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Carly is ready to talk, thanks to the Fire Hawk path. Carly saw Chase burying something the night Emily was killed. Carly has an iron clad alibi, video chatting with her boyfriend.

Digging ensues.

Decker still wants to know why Pierce is a dick to her. Lucy and Ella love Pierce.

The blade from the tool belt has been unearthed.

All the evidence points to Tyson Chase.

Decker still doesn’t buy it. Wants to follow the Carly lead. If Carly was a bad egg why did she have wings?

Pierce and Decker are teaming up. Pierce gives Lucy time off for some fun.

Amenadiel and Dan bro it up.

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Pierce and Decker are back at Fire Hawk. Pierce tells Decker she is one of his best detectives.

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All Decker’s worries are gone for a moment until Blackcrow comes out with a shotgun and Pierce takes a bullet for her.

A shoot out ensues and Blackcrow gets away.

Officer down by the way.

EMTs and other officers arrive along with Lucifer and Dan. Blackcrow is gone and Carly is missing too. Lucy regrets not being with Decker.

Blackcrow and Carly are in cahoots.

At the docks, Blackcrow is getting his stash of money. Lucy finds him there. A devilish tussle ensues, Lucy is about to kill him until Amenadiel intervenes. The devil isn’t evil, he punishes evil, Amenadiel reminds him.

Decker brings Pierce flowers in the hospital and she thanks him for saving her life. I sense a romance brewing. He sees why Lucifer is affected by her and says that she is special. Hmm is Pierce an angel. Pierce also roasts Dan by recommending Dan for the union rep position. He told Decker the union rep position was for has beens.

Amedadiel tells Lucifer he thinks father wanted him to be there to stop Lucifer. Lucifer has changed for the better. Lucy tells Amenadiel of a soul from hell that reminds Lucy of Amenadiel. He doesn’t say nice things but Amenadiel will always be there. Lucy doesn’t want to be a changed man (devil.)

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My thoughts:

  • Possibly my favorite episode of the season so far
  • Still loving Pierce
  • I’ll ship Pierce and Decker
  • Pierce’s comments to Decker about her being special seem fishy to me
  • What’s good with the Sinnerman?
  • Love Amenadiel and Dan broing it up
  • Also totally ready to build a drug empire after watching
  • Lucy has some soul searching to do

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