“Sci Hard” was hands down the best episode we’ve seen so far this season. Here’s a quick recap of the plot:

Walter, Paige, and Cabe are at a tech convention in Silicon Valley, which is naturally giving Walter some intense anxiety. But when a group of masked gunman show up and take the convention goers hostage, including Walter and Paige, Cabe and the rest of team Scorpion must find a way to get them all out alive. So, what happens when you take an inventive newlywed couple, a suspended Homeland Security agent, and a genius hacker taking a bar exam and put them in charge of a hostage situation?

Semi-controlled chaos, that’s for sure.


Photo Credit: CBS

Happy and Toby have a weird thing for acronyms, and at this point I’m wondering who comes up with them. Is it a joint effort, or is it one person heavily influencing the other? I’m betting that Toby makes up 98% of them. At any rate, S.T.O.R.K. was a button of contention between them this episode, but it was interesting to see them both breaking the rules. Happy can be forgiven for wanting coffee, but the damage Toby did by wearing those tightie-whities is irreparable. Please, writers. No more.

Walter and Paige had their couples bonding in a much different sense. As hostages, they had little communication throughout the episode, and there was absolutely no bickering between them. Instead, they demonstrated how effective they can work together as a duo as well as independent thinkers. Each of them had moments of individual ingenuity, but in the end they both de-escalated the situation by feeding off of each other’s ideas and actions. I’d argue that this is the strongest Waige episode yet!

What really got me was Walter’s heavy emphasis on having faith in his team. He mentioned multiple time that his team would come through and that they could handle the situation, even though he was unable to provide any help. Even when Paige’s life was being threatened, he didn’t show any sign of doubt about the plan. This emphasized the fact that team Scorpion’s bond is stronger than ever and it was actually kind of touching.

Seeing Cabe shine in this episode gave me life. That poor man has been beaten into the ground and still manages to remain optimistic and inspire his team. But to see him actually relax for once in that sensory deprivation pod… that was one of the best moments of the episode, let’s be honest. His quick thinking and badass capabilities really came through in this one, and I can’t imagine what would have happened without him there.

Despite all the chaos that went on, I couldn’t help but think that Sly stole the show. I mean, he was in the middle of a bar exam when he got the call from Cabe, and he continued to take the exam as he was helping his team hack into a bank and escape with their lives. His dedication to the team, especially Cabe, is truly the bread and butter of this season. After this episode, I really believe this is Sly’s season to shine.

What was your favorite moment of the episode? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to tune in to episode 6 of Scorpion on CBS!