Here is another double episode recap as the Shadow Puppets episode wasn’t that engaging, however Truth or Dare really kept my attention, so much that I’m going to make a first time ever spotlight article on a character soon in Huck.

Starting with Shadow Puppets, everyone minus Huck was at a little camp when a stranger approaches them, Felix gets behind him and the person named Percy tries to play off that he was robbed. Iris seems to trust him and invites him to sit and eat some beans. He starts telling stories and brings up a town called Andersonville with his stuff and truck being stolen, Silas doesn’t trust the guy at all. Percy starts telling all sorts of stories that don’t add up and Hope is picking up on it, but even with that the majority of the group votes to go to town to get the truck and not wait for Huck to return. Heading to town we learn two key points, one is that they crossed the Mississippi earlier and that Hope offered to help Elton finish his book anyway she could.

The truck is found, Silas still doesn’t like the idea, Felix offers to go with Percy to go look, the driver Tony is shot in the head. At this point, Felix wants to go back to camp, but ignorant Iris insists that they keep trying to help. Turns out Tony isn’t really dead, he gets up and grabs all the bags and gets into the truck, and takes off. Percy went up and through the second-story window to get out to meet up with his uncle in the truck by using a gunshot as a distraction. Iris continued to look for Percy and saw him leaving, she goes after him and falls into a big dumpster. Percy leaves, while Iris finds some walkers inside, all the others try to save Iris as some walkers approach. The truck comes back and picks them up before walkers could get them.

Aliyah Royale as Iris hanging out in some trash. – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: AMC

Getting to a safe place the duo show that they are con men, illusions and tricks, Hope asks to read Elton’s book and is close to telling him the truth about her mother but can’t bring himself to it. Tony and Felix have a chat, Tony shows that the truck has the three circles from the CRM, the same that matches his jacket. Tony says they have found places to load up on gas and avoid the CRM. They say they will head out tomorrow, and pick up Huck, but first some late-night entertainment, this is when the two show a shadow puppet story about the end of the world.

In another after credits scene, we see the big sandwich lady in the lab, she is looking at a picture of Iris and Hope. She talks to someone on the phone and says Dr. Bennett won’t be a problem or his security detail before “they arrive”. So how does the CRM know that people are arriving, is someone a spy?

Let’s get right into Truth or Dare, Huck is on her way back from her recon mission she is picked up by the truck, she found some boots that fit Silas. The cons show that they are able to decode some CRM maps to show where some secret gas caches are. Iris sees this and wants to try to decode her map, she tries by herself, and with the help of Percy, she finds something noteworthy to show everyone. What they found is a double helix which everyone is fairly sure means a research facility in New York and they finally have a destination. To unwind the kids minus Silas drink and play truth or dare, Huck does an outside perimeter check while Felix and Tony also drink.

Tony tells Felix about how they came to be, something happened to his sister and he was appointed legal guardian, even though he didn’t know about Percy at all, he was excited about all the free money he was going to get from the state but he said it took one day for him to realize he will give up his life for Percy. Upstairs Percy pushes Hope to find out what the worst she has done but she won’t really open up, she gets so mad she goes outside and finds Huck. She opens up to Huck about Elton’s mom and the truth, she says Elton doesn’t know, Iris does know but not that it is Elton’s mom. Huck tells Hope that they shouldn’t know, you can’t change what you did, but you just get the strength to carry things inside so others don’t have to. She goes on that some days get so damn dark and somehow they get darker, but the light will come.

At the first gas cache people pair up, Hope gets held hostage by some guy, and Huck is able to talk him down and kill him. He says his brother died and he was not doing so well, he had some supplies and some walkies, and besides gas, they found a CRM notepad with mystery information. Team con decide they will stick with the other group longer, Percy and Iris have a little flirty moment and Silas sees and storms out. Elton and Hope talk, Elton flirts a bit with Hope, happy she is alive still, Hope thanks Elton for allowing her to read the book. Elton thinks maybe she is still alive and anything could happen. Hope tells Huck a little later, away from everyone else that she is right. If she told Elton the truth it would be for her, and it would crush him. Hope says she is not a good person, she is wearing Elton’s mom’s necklace she took from her. Huck tells Hope that she is a good person.

Hal Cumpston as Silas likes to watch. Actually he is just wasted.- The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

Percy decked out the truck with some pictures of art that Iris likes, Iris passed out in the truck. She wakes up and goes back to the building and finds Tony’s head all sorts of bashed in, a broken window, Silas’s bloody wrench, and no Percy. She calls for help, everyone comes to check things out, and finds a truck Silas passed out in a stall close by with bloody hands.