Look, this episode opened in a way that I know was meant to specify how lonely Kara’s life has become, but I have to just…I have to gush. DID YOU SEE THE LESBIANS? THE HAPPY, ALIVE AND BREATHING, ADORABLE LESBIANS?! I mean come ON, you guys. Look at these two adorable cuties enjoying their morning and being all engaged and cute.


Oh my god my heart, actual life goals for me – Supergirl – The CW

I’m sorry, I just needed a minute. Moving on to the latest episode, aptly named “Triggers,” our villain of the week is a metahuman named Psy – so named for her psychic abilities. Unlike J’onn’s telepathic abilities, Psy forces people to relive their worst fears, and for someone like Supergirl, well…you can only imagine what that consists of. Not only does Kara relive the claustrophobia she experienced when first adjusting to Earth, but Psy forces her to experience the death of her planet all over again. While this is a horrific moment for The Girl Of Steel, the First Person Point Of View that fans got was pretty freakin’ cool. It allowed viewers to put themselves in 12-year-old Kara’s shoes, watching as her planet died before her very eyes, and then having to watch as Kal-El was sent off into space and she was caught in the explosion of Krypton.

This is a pretty cool point of view

Inside Kara’s Pod – Supergirl – The CW

Kara confesses all of these fears to Winn, but Alex, using her intimidation skills, stares him down until he gives in. She confronts and comforts her baby sister, which gives Kara the strength to beat Psy at her own game – to beat the fear that cripples her, she has to overcome it. And on that note, Samantha’s (Reign) daughter, Ruby, is a CRAZY LITTLE SHIT. She thinks her mom has super powers, which…I mean, she does, but instead of just accepting what her mom is trying to tell her, she THROWS HERSELF INTO DANGER. But instead of Reign saving her, the duo just cower in fear when a wrecking ball wire snaps and sends the steel sphere hurtling toward them. Supergirl saves the day, but stilll..what a little psychopath. And while I know we’ve moved on to Reign, the next photo will be of Alex because I’m pathetically in love with Chyler Leigh. Fight me.

Winn Is a weenie and Alex is a babe

I would tell her everything too if she stared at me like that – Supergirl – The CW

Meanwhile, at Catco, Lena is gearing up to learn as much as she can about journalism, but it seems she’s just stepping on everyone’s toes. My sweet-and-lovely-too-precious-for-this-world-cinnamon-roll is just trying to get into the swing of things, though it’s obvious James is offended by her lack of communication. She held meetings with various staff, and didn’t think to invite the CURRENT CEO of Catco; Yes, I can understand how insensitive that can be, but communication is a two way street, Jimmy. Regardless, Lena also seems perturbed by how much Kara keeps leaving, and when she confronts the reporter, Kara – still stressed over what Psy’s been doing to her brain – snaps at the Luthor before rushing off. Thankfully the two hug it out, and the entire time I sang that Spongebob song “Best friends forever! Best friends forever! Ring!”



I adore their friendship so very very very much – Supergirl – The CW

And finally, this brings me to J’onn J’onzz. Early in the episode, he tries to protect Supergirl’s mind from Psy’s attacks, but the metahuman proves too strong, and it knocks him unconscious. By the time we see him again, he’s drinking. Alone. At a bar. By himself. I need to know what happened to my poor Spacedad. As he’s musing, we hear someone call his name. He looks around, but no one is in sight; when he looks forward again, we see M’gann, reaching out to him and begging him to return to Mars. Which brings me to my questions for the week: What’s happening to Spacemom?! Will Reign hurry up and realize she has powers? What will Maggie and Alex be wearing to their wedding? Will I ever get to see Lucy Lane again? Tune in every Monday on The CW to see if they answer any of my questions in the latest episodes of Supergirl!


Space Dad and Space Mom reunite! – Supergirl – The CW