We pick up right where we left off at the end of season 2. The Robinson kids have found Judy’s father’s ship floating in the middle of nowhere. Judy decides to board the ship to find out what happened. In the midst of her exploration, the ship has to land. Judy has to try and catch the ship by throwing herself into space and is caught by none other than the elusive Dr. Smith aka June Harris. I just knew she wasn’t dead. She is definitely a survivor.

They end up landing on a nearby planet and have to repair their Jupiter. But 349 days later, they are still trying to repair the ship. They notice odd things about the planet, like the rest of the planet, except for one valley, is dead and there is the constant threat of meteors. The Robinson kids are all handling things in their own way but that’s not going so well. Who knows where their parents might be or when they will see them again.

So life goes on on this unnamed planet and they all try to do their best in the meantime. Light years away Maureen and John are fighting for their lives and to get back to their kids. There is always imminent danger lurking around every corner, in the form of large alien robots. But if they are successful with their mission to recover much-needed supplies from the Resolute wreckage, they can escape and hopefully get back to their kids. The only thing is they don’t have an alien robot engine. The Robinson parents seem to have lost their mojo. Maureen has taken a back seat and she is one of the smartest minds. But she’s not offering up any suggestions, preferring to work with Don’s crew. Her relationship with John is also strained.

Back on the planet, it is starting to become imperative to get off that planet because the computer won’t be able to navigate the many meteors that will be in the atmosphere. So, Judy came up with a hair-brained idea to get the titanium they need in order to repair their engine and try and get to Alpha Centauri. And never discount Smith, she always seems to have some hidden agenda when it comes to her personal survival. You never can truly trust her.

Judy, Will, and Penny, and some others embark on the dangerous trip of finding the necessary titanium needed to fix their ship. While they’re gone Smith goes through Will’s notes and she thinks that Will has been dumping the ore, but it was Robot. The robot is trying to protect Will from the other alien robots. They know who he is and they’re looking for him. Will tells Robot that they will have to leave everyone when they get to Alpha Centauri.

Judy continues to try and make contact with the Fortuna or whoever else may be out there, hopefully, the parents and hopefully her dad. After talking to Will, Robot goes off alone and he spots a city.