Hey spoilers ahead, obviously. Last’s week’s episode was very Maze-centric and seemed like a filler episode but I loved it. Maze is an interesting character and this episode gave us the chance to see her in the wild so to speak. She also got some much needed character development. As always I recommend watching the episode, my writing just isn’t that good and this episode was way too much fun to miss.

Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith opens with Maze, Linda and Lucy enjoying a night of hard drinking. Conversation leads to Maze and company talking about demons lacking souls. Due to lacking a soul, demons tend to act in the moment something that Lucifer thinks humans should do.  And Maze hunts some bounty at the bar. Maze realizes she is bored and needs to find her white whale of a bounty.

Maze’s hunt leads her to Lieutenant Herrera she wants to hunt Ben Rivers, a man accused of shooting two teenagers point blank. He warns her that Rivers is manipulative and dangerous but Rivers doesn’t know kung-fu. The lack of kung-fu disappoints Maze. Anyways Rivers was last seen in Canada so that’s where she is headed.

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Decker warns Maze not to go and Trixie wants to go us back up. Decker isn’t a fan of that so Maze gets Ms. Alien as back up instead.

At the station Decker is a bit of a helicopter parent. She uses her police credentials to keep an eye on Maze.

Enter Vacation Dan.  Dan has saved up hella travel points and is headed to Hawaii. Man, he can really rock a Hawaiian shirt.

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Lucy catches up with Decker and we find out Maze has been very busy.

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Every interaction Maze has with a Canadian is comedic gold. Maze even has to use an interesting tactic to torture information out of a nice hotel clerk, it’s sexual advances, he really loves his wife.

The clerk sang like a canary.

Maze poses as a masseuse to get close to Rivers’ current lady friend. She gets the deets on his location from her and it even looks like it might lead to a happy ending.

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Back to L.A. Lucy and Decker meet with Rivers’ attorney. Thanks to Lucy’s devil mojo she admits that she is in love with him and has been wiring him money. The attorney did it because he is so handsome and charming.

In Canada at the bar, Maze and Rivers finally meet. She hand cuffs him to the bar and seems disappointed at how easy it was to catch him. Rivers doesn’t skip a beat and orders two drinks. He insists “there is always time for a drink.” Rivers flirts it up, the two have serious chemistry.

Maze got had and Rivers finesses his way out of the cuffs without Maze knowing and cuffs her to the bar. Maze is excited for the hunt.

Decker calls Maze to check in. Decker insists that Rivers is emotional dangerous. Good ole Lucy hangs up Decker. Lucy isn’t remotely worried and sends Maze the address of Rivers.

With some theatrics Maze surprises him at home. She cuffs Rivers to herself and a romantic fight ensues. He warns Maze of Herrera.

Decker meets with Herrera and she suspects something is up with him.

Rivers tells Maze how he worked for Herrera but they are interrupted by a room service lady with a gun. Decker phones during the shoot out to warn her, she than calls in a favor.

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Maze gets her with a throwing knife behind the back, it was quite impressive but Rivers was shot.

With the help of Linda via facetime Maze is able to mend the wound. Maze tends to Rivers a little too gently and that worries Lucy. Rivers has potential broken Maze.

The morning comes and Rivers is alive. He confesses that Herrera paid the the security officer who testified against him to lie. They are then interrupted again but this time it’s Decker’s favor.

Vacation Dan to the rescue.

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Dan was laid over in Vancouver. Rivers of course escapes during the interruption.

Dan informs Decker of the security guard.

Maze and Vacation Dan officially team up, kind of.

Lucy and Decker question the guard. He yeses everything they ask even when its not the answer. Turns out he thought they were working with Herrera. The jig is up. Rivers was set up.

Maze finds Rivers about to be executed by many gunmen.

Good thing Maze showed up cause they want to kill her too but don’t worry Vacation Dan showed up and a fight ensued. And Rivers saves Maze’s soulless life.

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Herrera is arrested.

Rivers and Maze share a final moment. Rivers isn’t a fugitive anymore but Herrera was just a puppet and he isn’t safe. Maze isn’t safe either. Rivers needs to stay on the run. Maze could run with him. They’d be perfect together but Maze can’t leave everyone behind but they do share a passionate kiss. Maze might just have a soul.

The episode closes with a gloved hand putting files in a file cabinet. Perhaps these files belong to the Sinnerman. The readable names on the files say Lucifer Morningstar, Mazikeen of Lillium, Amanadeil/ Dr. Canaan, Charlotte Richards and Gaudium. We know all those names except Gaudium and according to reddit Gaudium is a fallen Cherub who works for Lucifer performing menial tasks. Gaudium could just be an easter egg or an actual character to come but the show tends to deviate from the comic.

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My thoughts:

  • I wouldn’t mind more episodes like this.
  • Is the file guy working with the Sinnerman, could he be the Sinnerman or maybe something else?
  • Will we see Rivers again?
  • Big fan of Vacation Dan.
  • When will we see Charlotte?

That’s all, see you next week.

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