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"Younger" Ep. 401 (Airs 6/28, 10pm ET/PT
Courtesy of TVLand

When the third season of Younger ended, A LOT was happening; there was some blackmail with millennial, Kelsey broke up with Colin & moved out of Lauren’s, Lauren and her doctor bae got real serious, and most importantly, Josh was going to propose to Liza until he caught her sucking face with Charles.

Season 4 starts exactly where season 3 ended, Kelsey on Liza’s couch, about to hear her deepest secret, she’s 40! Within about 5 minutes, Kels knows all of it and excuses herself to go to bed. This is a lot to take in – your best friend has been lying to you for years and could technically be your mom – and understandably, Kelsey doesn’t take it very well, sneaking off at night and ignoring everyone until the next day at work.

They don’t really have time to chat because they have a meeting with a Washington Spin Doctor whose pitching her book. Kristen Chenoweth does incredible work but her book is terrible. When the meeting ends, Liza gets up and is ready to reveal her secret to Diana & Charles, but Kelsey stops her and pulls her out of there.

"Younger" Ep. 401 (Airs 6/28, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

For the Team Charles folks, he & Liza go to an Ernest Hemingway exhibit thing with lots of sexual tension and unsynchronized passion. He is hot when he talks literature and he wears the hell out of his suits, but he’s into her thinking that she’s 26 and that’s creepy I’m sorry. (ALTHOUGH, there are certain moments where he says things and makes you think he knows more than he lets on – BUT I CAN’T BE SURE!)

She wants to double down on the lie, to preserve Millennial’s “for millennials by millennials image” so she gets them invited to EW 29 Under 29 party, (and voids that labradoodle book deal) where Liza poses for photos and talks to the press as her 26 year old self. They also craft a social media presence for her, like a typical 26 year old would have.

After the party, Liza is acting all buddy buddy and thanking Kelsey for forgiving her but Kelsey stops her, telling her that it’s all been for business, personally, Liza broke her heart and she may never get over it. #imnotcryingyourecrying.

The last little punch is that Kelsey gets in an Uber (that Lauren called, so they see where she’s going) and goes all the way to JOSH’S! She’s only rooming with him for now, but they’ve both been betrayed and they’re sad and they’re hot so you know that hookup isn’t far away.

"Younger" Ep. 401 (Airs 6/28, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

Younger airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TVLand, check back with us next week for recapping and theorizing after episode 2!

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