Whose the babe? Photo Credit: The 100/CW

Season 3 of the 100 got us caught up with a couple factions from the previous seasons, while leaving us wondering about Emerson from Mount Weather and Lexa and the grounders, but ultimately introducing us to a new group.

While we watch John almost lose his stuff in the bunker, watching video’s, turning into a nut job, in one of his video’ he mentions that he is in their for 86 days now and is on his last box of food. After battling his internal demons on if he should commit suicide or not, it appears it was some sort of a test for him as the sealed bunker hatch doors are magically unlocked. He leaves to see a drone that leads him to the large mansion on the top of the hill. When he arrives the former Chancellor Jaha mentions how it is good to finally see him, which let’s be honest is a pretty dick move since Jaha was the one who kept John locked in the bunker for so long. Jaha tells John he knows where the city of light is and it is real. John isn’t so sure when he meets A.L.I.E. after he has already seen a number of videos and knows that her core command was to save the earth, by eliminating population. After what I think was some trickery in showing John a familiar female face he finally relents to get on a boat to see the City of Light.

With them out of the way we see that the Arc is referred to as Arkadia, as one would expect the move forward for the most part is pretty straight forward and boring. They beef up defenses and work on a non lethal task force, they work on growing food. They sent out a group in search of, well that doesn’t matter as they never make it that far. A tracking beacon goes off from Farm Station, which they haven’t heard from in 4 months. They decide they need to switch gears and go and investigate why the beacon has suddenly turned on. After making it to the beacon they find that it is not someone that they knew from the Farm Station but a new clan of (presumed) soldiers that have uncovered it. They kept asking about ‘Wanheada’, and want to find this person. That ends up becoming the continued story line for the rest of the show. Legend has it that if someone has powers, and you kill that person you receive all their powers. So another clan is on the hunt for Wanheada to gobble up those powers like Mario eating a mushroom.

Anyone who has followed the show knows that the person that might be is Clarke after killing well everyone. Clarke has reddish hair now, and is in sector 7 I think they said, not like either of us really know where that is exactly. She hunts, and takes her hunts to a trading post for supplies, the girl at the post seems to know who Clarke really is. A group of men come in looking for ‘Wanheada” who is Clarke, the girl running the post doesn’t rat out Clarke, which leads to some bow chicka wow wow between the two. After Clarke leaves in the middle of the night one of the men hunting her, played by Zach McGowan who also plays in a show called Black Sails, captures Clarke as the episode concludes.