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The Magicians Season 3 Premiere Review, Theories, and Book Tie-ins [Spoilers!]

Season 3 of the Magicians kicked off, picking upnright where season 2 left off? and even without high action sequences the first episode felt full and rich and kept our attention the entire time. We have a quick synopsis and review of all the happenings to keep you up to date!

First and foremost, after all our struggles to get her back in season 2, Alice isn’t present for much of the episode. Early in the episode she leaves Brakebills and is on the lamb running from the Lamprey, but she does have an unecessarily sexual encounter with a vampire to gather intel (and his not killing her/over draining seems a little unusual). Though trading mildly sexual favors and fluids for intel gives Alice some of Julia’s edge from the books, it seems a little off, but Alice is capable of anything so who are we to say anything?

The Magicians – Syfy

With Alice gone Quentin is buddied up with Julia, who ignitrd a fire in him by revealing she still has a spark of magic in the season 2 finale. After running as many tests and magical experiments as they can, to no avail, they decide their best shot at resyoring magic is enlisting the help of a god. Julia is hesitant, understandably with her past experiences, but Josh has an in and takes them to meet the party god Bacchus.

The Magicians – Syfy

Deamed buzz kills they had to hang out in the hall until they got a little drunk and Julia remembered a silly dance her and Quentin came up with in highschool, which had a lot of hip thrusting and got them into the party. [This felt like a heavy allusion to the firdt book’s reference to the song James had created and would sometimes sing!]

The Magicians – Syfy

The show runners made a lot of interesting choices in depicting the magicians’ time at Bacchus party, using different lighting and set arras to depict dkfferent aspects and locals of party life. The god gave them glowing drinks and unknown substances before listening to their plight, and calling them buzzkills. Julia reveals her magic spark to inspire hope in Josh, who gave decent insight into how much losing magic meant to him, and likely the rest of the magicians, and I’m fairly certain i recognized some of his wording from the books. How being a magician gave them purpose and a place in the world, etc.

The Magicians – Syfy

In the end Bacchus shares the only info he knows, that there is a backdoor to magic butbhe doesn’t know if its true or what it is [SPOILER: in the books, at the end of the Magician King, it is at the edge of the world of Fillory, where the odd flat world tapers off]. They then receive a message from Elliot telling them to find a book at a random library in New Jersey [POSSIBLY a callback to the beginning of the third book when Quentin goes to a hedge meeting in Hackensack], and they find the Tale of the Seven Keys and thrn everyone is on path to pick up theor piece of the epic quest that, as the Great Cock said, should take about a season (a much appreciated 4th wall break).

Oh yeah, the message from Elliot came after he was searching for the White Lady in hopes of wishing away their fairy foes, but accidentally found her brother, the Great Cock, who sets them on a quest to restore magic, which will solve more than just the fairy problem (starting with a location of a book on Earth).

The Magicians – Syfy

The Fairy Queen has been occupying their castle and harassing Margo and threatening them since the season 2 finale. Fen is a total mess, hilariously swaddling and carrying anything she can get her hands on to compensate for her fairy abducted baby. It’s revealed that the Fairy Queen has been able to spy on everything Margo does through her stolen eye, and once they realize it’s happening her and Elliot have an iconic exchange talking only in pop culture references no spy in Fillory can understand.

Unfortunately, SYFY ran the scene as a teaser before the epusode all over social media, with the great translated meanings, and spoiled a lot of big episode reveals, but it is downright the funniest scene so far, even exceeding all the pop culture references in season 2.

The Magicians – Syfy

Elliot and Margo then use the dimension hopping bunnies to deliver their messages to Quentin and camp out with all of the rabbits in the special room of their castlw that is made of stones poisonous to fairies.

The Magicians -Syfy

Kady is still working with Marlee Matlin to try and save Penny, both of whom should be joining their friends on the quest for the seven keys soon, but Penny is expected to run short errands for the library, and we see he can still travel(!) but we nees the team to get back together to really bring magic back, amd we may have a loomimg enemy in the man searching for Mayakovsky’s batteries -also implying we may see our favourite Russian again, although SPOILER I think Brakebills south may have been empty because he made his own private landnto wait out the magic apocalypse, like a bunker, and will steal Quentin’s book 3 storyline [sensical considering a lot of book 3 focused on saving Niffin Alice and that ship has sailed].

The Magicians – Syfy

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