With the beginning of a new chapter in their life its no wonder that Claire and Phil Dunphy have turned over a new leaf when it comes to their daughter Hailey. They decide that they will no longer in coddle her in the ways of financial stability.  Is the cost of a new phone too great for Hailey? Will she finally find a meaning in life other than sharing her every move on social media? Will her parents finally take her seriously? Speaking of the Dumpheys , is there actually something going on with Phil and his supposed “underwear curse” or is it all just superstious high jinx.

Meanwhile Jay is trying to prove Gloria wrong by trying to bribe their young yet sly son Joe. Even though chocolate soup is a thing that a young child craves will it help Jay stay a step ahead of his feisty wife . Jay decides to look towards his stepson for help, Manny does give an insight into the insane logic that is the world of Gloria.

Cam and Mitchell are well on the way to get their kitchen finished except for the strenuous task of finding the perfect color for their shelves. Compromise may seem like the obvious answer but when the Tucker -Pritchetts are involved in anything the obvious isn’t always the easiest. A small episode of guy stuck in wall seems to get everyone straightened out.

This episode without a doubt is one of the reasons why Modern Family is one of tvs favorite family. They are constantly keeping each other on their toes as well as those of the audience.  So maybe in the rest of the upcoming season we will find out what Gloria did than was worse what was one her phone. Will Jay ever stop trying to prove Gloria wrong?  Are the Tucker Pritchetts ever going to stop trying to help with peoples love lives? Hopefully these questions and many others answered on the next episode of Modern Family.

Episode 4 of this season will be ” Sex, Lies and Kickball” in which Jays friend Shorty makes an appearance and Alex tries to shed her good girl image and show everyone that she has a bad side.