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Mindy Lahiri Is DTF

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Previously on The Mindy Project, Mindy was horny, Danny was angry, a hug made the whole fandom swoon, potato skins were inhaled, and Mindy’s nightmare wasn’t totally scary.

Mindy brushed her teeth and headed to bed, where Morgan was waiting for her. Think, Magic Morgan, but with a hotter, fitter Ike Barinholtz gets distracted from article, picture too vivid, too non-nightmare-ish. Euuh anyway, his tattoo says “come to Morgan” and the camera pans waaaaaaay down to his pixelated junk. Mindy wakes up in a sweat from her wet dream & decides that she needs to have sex with someone that isn’t Morgan.

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Apparently, Jody is now/still Mindy’s OB/GYN…I really need her to find a doctor that doesn’t work in the practice, like maybe Hollywood Hamilton or that lady that flew to Washington to give Sasha & Malia “the talk.” Ugh I’m getting side-tracked again; Queen Tamra is filling Jody in on Mindy’s vitals. She apparently shrunk an inch and refused to be weighed – #meatthedoctor – and called Jody a Civil War ghost.

Jody, you’ll recall, mailed Mindy a dumb letter last week and is now worried about when it will get to her and what her reaction will be. When Mindy says she wants to talk – he says “about the thing I sent” but she says no and now she’s wondering what he sent. He panics, sees the TV Guide next to Mindy with the duo from Elementary on the cover and invents a viewing party. She’s skeptical but agrees to go to this lame seeming party.

Morgan has a key to Mindy’s apartment, for emergencies like when she’s in the shower and wants to know what’s up on Twitter, I need someone to do this for me because I always have FOMO. Jody confesses that he sent the letter, Morgan is sure Mindy will get the wrong idea if she reads it, she once sued a turnstile for groping her, so he agrees to help Jody.

CHELSEA HAS NO STD’S!!! She also happens to me Mindy’s sluttiest friend, so Min asks her for casual sex advice. Chelsea first suggest porkr (gross hookups) and then CuddleSpot (old uggos who have given up on life). Mindy signs up for CuddleSpot for some reason.

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In a weird turn of events, people are actually interested in Jody’s viewing party and all want to attend. Jeremy is a huge Sherlock fangirl and Tamra already bought the ingredients for her one layer dip (ranch) and is bringing 5 other people who expect gift bags!

You know who else is on CuddleSpot?! TOBY! From The Office! Guys! Ew! Well, not ew, but y’know. He really wants their hearts to connect before their bodies do and Mindy just bolts out of there because as I said, ew.

Back at the office, Morgan assured Jody that he didn’t find the letter while searching Mindy’s apartment and claims his 500 cent reward.

Mindy and Chelsea are hanging out and discussing her terrible date with Toby. I’ve decided it actually was Toby from Scranton who just moved to New York on a whim. Chelsea convinces her to join Porkr and she immediately gets a thumbs up and goes to the bar to meet the rando with the hair chest. She wants to have a normal conversation but he’s like naaah I’ll go to the bathroom and take my pants off and you come in and we’ll pump k? k! Mindy texts Chelsea and she’s all “you go girl” but Mindy seems weirded out.

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It’s Thursday night guys, Elementary is on and Jody’s having his party. If I were him I would have binged the show during the week to prepare but he’s a garbage person so he didn’t do that. To his credit, he did get good snacks and the gift bags seem pretty solid. Jeremy shows up in full costume and is my hero! I feel like he understands the attachment I get to TV shows and their worlds – like I’ve definitely shown up to parties in my Mindy Lahiri costume (which is just a fabulous outfit, bless this show).

Let’s go back to the bar; the Porkr taps on the bathroom door like “yo! girl! come on!” The cute bartender comes up to Mindy and she orders a whiskey (since when bae?). She asks him if he could describe rando with chest hair to a sketch artist because if she’s not back in 10 minutes he’ll either have murdered her or he’s really into foreplay – both of which suck.

At Jody’s house, they’re watching Elementary and he is REALLY feeling it. Morgan complains that it’s unrealistic because we never see them go to the bathroom AND I HAVE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR YEARS ABOUT SHOWS! LIKE 24! HE DIDN’T PEE ONCE AND EVERY MINUTE WAS COUNTED! HOW?! Okay I’ll calm down.

Back again to the bar! Min is chatting with cutie bartender and he’s totally asking questions and talking to her WHICH MEANS HE LIKES HER!!! She’s not sure she should go in the bathroom and he tells her not to. Says that guy is gross, ordered a glass of cherries to practice tongue stuff with, and basically saves her life. Gross rando didn’t even wait 5 minutes for Mindy before getting someone else on the app.

I probably should’ve recapped this episode by plot because I’ve written “back to the” about 50 times and I’m sorry for that. But back at Jody’s, he’s drawing useless parallels between himself and Mindy by comparing them to Lucy Lui & Sherlock.

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The next day, at the office, Jody goes into Mindy’s office and she apologizes for missing his party, admitting that her sex date was a total bust. She realized that all she wanted was to feel desirable because it’s not just about sex, she can handle that herself (preach, girl). She’s getting down on herself and saying that her time to feel sexy and single was in her twenties and now that she’s in her twenties those times are over. Still not admitting we’re 35 I see. Jody, now hopped up on shipper feels from Elementary, reassures her that plenty of people will find her attractive (true) but they find it hard to admit what they want (not untrue) and invites her to coffee (ew).

THIS IS WHERE SHIT GETS INTERESTING GUYS! Danny STORMS into Jody’s office with the letter. Jody the dummy mailed it to Danny’s apartment and now he’s here to yell at him and forbid it like the controlling grump he is. But tbqh I liked it, only because I don’t want Mindy to date Jody, because she can do better and he would just be a generic version of Danny. Dan The Man also makes the excellent point that women hate tall men and that if it didnt work with D&M why would it work out with J&M. Let’s also take a moment to virtually hug Morgan, who missed his best friend Dr. C and was finally opening up when Danny stormed back out.

Mindy and Danny run into each other at the elevators. She rides it back down with him (duh because she wants to be with him) and he dismisses her questions about what he’s doing there. They have an adorable moment over a onesie she bought Leo and then they get to the ground floor. She’s like are you sure you’re okay and he says yes but then he dramatically turns around and tightly hugs her and says “make good choices” and perplexes Mindy while giving me shipper feels.

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At the hospital, Mindy finds Jody so they can go on their casual coffee hangout but Danny scared some sense into him so he doesn’t want to go anymore and says he has to go home to catch up on Chicago Fire – he’s so lucky there are so many different TV Guide’s just laying around in all these rooms! Mindy gets annoyed and goes back to the bar where cutie bartender J.J. works. She eats all his potato skins in 3 seconds and he’s impressed with her food inhaling talents (this is a man I need to be dating FYI). She decides she’s going to ask for what she wants and what she wants is J.J.!!!

For a split second we think maybe he won’t come over – but he does! Duh though, who doesn’t want to sleep with Mindy. They have great sex, he’s super sweet and leaves right away like a perfect gentleman so Mindy can spend time with Leo when he comes home from Baby Confession. He’s like this was a lot of fun you’re great, best I’ve had today for sure mindy giggle and wants to see her again! HAZZAH healthy dating life. The end credits are great because we see Mindy totally happy and content and fulfilled after standing up for herself and asking for what she wants, which we haven’t seen in a long time.

Wow I promised myself this would be a shorter recap, oh well, I enjoy this time we spend together so much & want it to last forever! This was a great episode guys – it was funny, the B plot was solid, and I hope the Danny outburst/moment helped ease some anxiety I know some fans have about the couples future – I promise you they’re end-game, they just have to grow a little!



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