Its October! You know what that means……………

Time to lock yourself in your room and binge-watch Over the Garden Wall!

OTGW was originally aired a few years ago on the Cartoon Network during the week of Nov 3-7. The 10-episode miniseries follows the transition from fall into winter, but since the show is one big spooky mystery it’s the perfect thing to watch leading up to Halloween.


Source: IMDB

Wirt and Gregory (voiced by Elijah Wood), two half-brothers, get lost in the woods called The Unknown, and attempt to make their way back home with the guidance of Beatrice, a sassy bluebird. As they get deeper into their journey, the threat of the terrifying Beast lurking in the shadows becomes more imminent.

Source: Over the Garden Wall Wiki

The creepy and sometimes legitimately scary parts of the show are broken up with humor and songs (Potatoes and Molasses has been stuck in my head for months), contributing to a truly whimsical journey that you won’t want to end. 10 episodes is definitely not enough.

So snuggle up with a cup of apple cider and tune in!