We begin the final episode of the second season of this magical series. We see Matthew teaching young Jack about all the different constellations in the night skies. Then follow them out into their courtyard, and point out all the different ones currently visible. The idea of stargazing in London is indeed magical. The amount of light pollution the metropolis currently emits makes it literally impossible. We can relate to Diana’s appreciation for it.

Marcus brings Phoebe to his Ancestral home – Sept Tours. Even introducing her to his grandmother, miss Ysabeau Mellisandre De Clermont. This is immediately followed by another familial introduction. Whilst out for a stroll in London with Diana, Matthew remarks that he smells coffee. Diana corrects him saying that coffee won’t arrive for decades. To which he states…  “Time Walker Diana.” Who exactly is this Time Walker is turned into a delectable surprise…

Turns out Diana’s Father, Stephen Proctor, is also here to search for something, an Alchemical book, Ashmole 782. Diana smiles coyly, “We have it.” Gerbert and Peter the Prick Knox plot further, with the former commenting that Ysabeau is housing Diana’s missing aunts. And that a witch really should go and deal with them. This scene again reminds us that Gerbert the Vampire thinks of himself high above the lowly witch Knox, after suggesting Knox deal with the Bishops. Knox complains, “I’m not your hunting dog Gerbert.” But alas… it appears she is just so, Gerbert commands.

Diana gets a wee scolding from her father after he realizes how long she and Matthew have been here. And how many lives they’ve entangled, like little Jack. Back in the future and at Sept Tours, the group is all sitting down to dinner at Sept Tours, discussing the dangers of Knox and the Congregation. Sophie and Nat’s child is at risk so is anyone who fraternizes with other creatures. Marcus, the family democrat, declares that the only way to keep everyone safe is to repeal the Covenant. “We need to evolve if we’re to survive.” Phoebe has an unusually nice encounter with Ysabeau. Their conversation irrevocably cements in Ysabeau’s mind that Phoebe is a keeper. She asks if being in an ancient chateau with vampires, witches, and daemons is intimidating, “A lesser human would be afraid.” Phoebe’s response is infallible as always.

“Human beings have so much potential. But our capacity to hate and discriminate… well. That scares me more than any of this.”

Needless to say, Phoebe’s absolutely killing it. Diana then makes a sneaky trip to meet Father Hubbard in an abandoned building. Wanting to ensure an extra layer of protection for Jack. She asks Father Hubbard to take him in, but he responds that since she isn’t his daughter and a part of her flock, her adopted offspring is not his to take care of. Diana strikes a bargain. She offers to become part of his flock, secretly, Matthew can not know. Hubbard requires the blood of his newly adopted flock. Diana gifts a single drop, but in that drop – Hubbard sees that she belongs to a different time, as does her Matthew – and learns her true name. Bishop, not Roydon. Later, he is confronted by the ever-so-creepy Benjamin Fuchs. Demanding to know more about Diana. We’re not shown whether or not he actually does divulge any information as he started with a refusal, saying that she is part of his flock and, therefore, he cannot give any information about her history. We also learn that Fuchs is Benjamin’s sire. (Meaning his Vampire father, the one who turned him into a Vampire.

We then jump to an escalation of violence when Domenico catches the Blood Raged killer but is savagely attacked before he can identify the boy. Granted, he’s a vampire and will heal. But interesting that blood rage vampires seem to have savagery that would make vampires that are hundreds of years old apprehensive.

Diving into the scores of goodbyes they have to deal with before their TimeWalk home, one is unequivocally harder than any other. Saying a final goodbye to Jack. By far the most emotional moment of the episode and leaves the viewers tinged in sadness, wanting them to break the rules of Time Walking and just take the adorable boy they love so much back into the 21st century with them. He has the miniatures that Diana and Matthew had made for him when they embarked on their trip to Bohemia. But parting is such sweet sorrow.

Gerbert’s dog Knox makes his way to the grounds of Sept Tours, finding his way to the Temple of Artemis. His obsession with dark magic – he lures Emily from her comfy bed in Sept Tours out to the site – it appears that Emily just thinks the spirits are calling her. She goes out and attempts another of her ridiculously dangerous summonings. With the page from the Book of Life present. This time, surprisingly, she actually gets Rebecca. And communicates. Telling her that the book will change everything. Once it’s completed, it will reveal itself. Peter watches from afar, obviously still longing for Rebecca and her power. Emily vanishes the page as Knox steps towards her, he demands she bring it back, and he kills her. His greed, his hubris, and his foolishness led him to kill a witch on De Clermont’s territory. Marcus arrives, but unfortunately, Peter’s magic stone has more power than he currently possesses and puts him to sleep. Sarah finds Em at the temple and is heartbroken. Diana is about to arrive back home with her pregnancy to find Em has been killed. Lives and deaths, Endings and beginnings.

We await the third season with high hopes!