We last saw The Dumpheys celebrating Fathers Day on the lake with the Delgado-Pritchetts and Tucker- Pritchetts. With Jay hoping for more “him” time, Manny trying to reinvent himself, Alex worrying about her intimacy issues, and Lily just hoping to catch some movie time. Where does that leave the family now?

Well, Hailey (Sarah Hyland) finally found a real job! She is working for her younger brother at the country club as a cart girl, which apparently is something that she pretty good at! While Hailey is off at the club serving the likes of special guest star Vanessa Williams, Alex (Ariel Winter) is getting gently smothered by her parents Phil (Ty Burell)  and Claire (Julie Bowen). They think that Alex is a totally irresponsible college student. They are in for a surprise when they go by and see that Alex has stepped up. By starting washing her hair with shampoo, and not powder soap in the sink. Phil also finds out if rock, paper, scissors is for humans or other intelligent life forms.

Manny (Rico Rodriguez) is finally off to school, espresso machine and all. Jay (Ed O’Neil) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) find out that saying goodbye is a lot harder than they expected.  Joe hopes to get a new addition to his room and when it comes to roommates Manny may be out of luck.

So what’s next for the Modern Family brood?  Maybe Alex will finally gain the friendship she has been hoping for since she started her college career? Manny will hopefully get adjusted to life away from the Pritchett-Delgados. Claire and Phil will eventually focus on something other than making care packages for Alex.

You can catch the next episode ” Catch of the Day” tonight on ABC!