After the events of “Kill the Moon” I was wondering what would happen next in the Doctor and Clara’s relationship. We find the two aboard a space train which is meant to be Clara last night as a companion. That idea was one that really grab my attention. Seeing the end of the two was something that I couldn’t miss.

The story has a classic film horror monster, The Mummy which was visually appealing. Very much like the Alien in “Time Heist”. The Mummy it self was creepy with a very interesting mytho behind it. I just wish we had bit more of its backstory of the Mummy itself. However the way it moved and the shots used to show the monster were great. It gave it a classic “Hammer studio” monster feel to it.


Source: BBC // Doctor Who

I couldn’t help to catch a nice blend of 60s James bond and a Hitchcock tone to the story. The design of the train and look of everyone took me back to classic cinema. I was also very impress of the pace of this story. It was smooth and well done. it may have the best pacing of this season so far. The whole element of everyone being on the clock in order to survive gave this story the thrilling edge. The final was was wonderful which I won’t spoil because I feel to fully enjoy this story you have to go in not knowing very much.

Clara’s decision in the end was one that I fully agreed with. I really enjoy her at the Doctor’s side and her not being in much of this story showed the Doctor’s time without her. By the very end I felt a nice throwback to classic Who and his companions as we seem them bonding after blowing up the train.