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At the end of the last episode, Gretchen moved back in with Jimmy, intending to live in the house that she’s been paying for. With no objection from a mystified Jimmy.

This week, we finally see the consequences of Gretchen’s move. In a bottle-episode, a production technique that You’re the Worst has used effectively in the past, the episode’s action is contained within Jimmy and Gretchen’s house, as Jimmy sits for an interview with People Magazine, and their co-habitation became a bit of a problem.

Jimmy becomes concerned that Gretchen’s presence will be catastrophic, when he learns that the People interview is not a print interview, but an on-camera interview (for  People’s fictional video network). At first Gretchen just acts odd, tacking blankets over the windows, tossing a boxspring out the window, but, when confronted by Jimmy, Gretchen explains that she has no desire to interfere with his professional life. A truce is in order, she suggests, and Jimmy agrees.

The truce doesn’t last long, thanks to Jimmy. When Jimmy almost immediately calls Gretchen’s clients to let them know that she was never in Europe, but was just depressed over their break-up, Gretchen takes her revenge, and it is masterful. First, Gretchen cosplays Jimmy’s devoted fiance in front of the cameras – faking out Jimmy (and his PR team) with the idea of reconciliation. Then, in front of everyone, she diabolically ruins the interview – inviting Boone over and then sleeping with him in Jimmy’s bed. It’s like watching a car crash – it’s horrifying, but you can’t look away. One has to wonder, is it all-out war from now on? And when will Gretchen and Jimmy learn to talk to one-another like humans???

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