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The Good Place Chapter 17 – Team Cockroach

Does The Good Place gang trust Michael enough to team up with him?
The Good Place - Season 2
Colleen Hayes / NBC

Last week on The Good Place, Michael made the foursome an offer they couldn’t refuse…or could they refuse it? Chapter 17 focuses on the choice the humans have to make and the compromises they make for each other.

Let’s remember that we’ve only been in this timeline for a week, that Eleanor has seen a tape of her telling Chidi she loves him, and that Vicky is blackmailing Michael. He now wants to team up with them so he can pretend to reboot the neighbourhood and have them play along. This way, they never “find out” and ruin everything and then Vicky doesn’t tell Sean that they’re actually on attempt 803.

The person struggling the most (aside from Jason who understands literally nothing) with her place in the actual Bad Place is Tahani, she is still convinced that she was a terrific person. Michael finally has to remind her how she died to get her to see why she was a selfish bitch who just wanted to show-up her sister. Tahani died when she crashed her sister’s Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony and topples the bronze statue of her. Unfortunately, she topples it onto herself and dies.

They go back and forth on wether or not to team up with Michael, with Eleanor at one point trying to escape through the back door. Chidi catches her though and the disappointment in his face makes her turn around and agree to work with Michael but on a few conditions. They make him promise to take the ethics lessons with them, and he promises to try and get them into the real Good Place before they get found out.

So the whole thing is “reset” and Michael goes through the first day motions with Eleanor. It’s nice to see the the froyo shops are back, although the Chowder puns were perfect and hilarious.

The Good Place - Season 2
Colleen Hayes / NBC

It will be fun to see The Good Place from this new perspective, where the humans know what’s going on and are constantly acting, where they’re in on the joke and getting the inside scoop from Michael while the demons know nothing and are being tricked.

The Good Place airs Thursdays on NBC

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