“Hey, come here often?” Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Green Arrow and team encounter yet another threat in the city!

No rest for the poor group of Team Arrow. When they think they might have a breather and that they know what evils are out in the city they find themselves with another. This time the person falls into a slippery slope, on one hand this person is out attacking criminals. Unfortunately the person is going so far by killing the criminals. The killings have a different MO than Prometheus so they know it’s someone new. A short time later their is a bank robbery in progress and the team sans Green Arrow are at the base and go to investigate the crime.
They find one of the robbers shot and bleeding out, when John Diggle approaches him the guy says “Vigilante” and he answers yes, but the guy repeats it, which we find to be the guys name.

The team tries to do some research to shake down some names they think could be connected and get an idea of when the next bank robbery will take place to try to intercept Vigilante, they find out that the bank robbers start working at banks furthest from the police precinct and then work closer in. The team is able to guess which bank is next as does Vigilante but Vigilante gets there first and takes out some men. When confronted by Green Arrow he tells him he is out of control, and Vigilante says they are either with him or against him. Green Arrow says he is against him and Vigilante shoots the van and vanishes.

After the failed encounter with Vigilante they try to figure out the best way to capture him so he doesn’t hurt anyone else. John Diggle comes up with the idea of pretending to rob a bank. So Artemis and Mr. Terrific stay outside on lookout while the rest of the team robs a bank, Felicity is even in on it and while inside she works her computer magic to try to keep it from local authorities so they don’t get caught but also draw out Vigilante. Vigilante does come and knocks out Artemis and captures Mr. Terrific and brings him inside, he tells them to send a message to Arrow, but he is there and confronts Vigilante. Green Arrow is able to have Vigilante pinned to a pillar and goes to unmask Vigilante but his mask has like a flash bang, smoke bomb on it and Vigilante is able to escape yet again without the team knowing who he/she is.

During the day time life, Oliver Queen gets a little closer to the reporter. He is able to get her to not talk about the new serial killer for the time being. They even go out on a meetup at a pool hall for a drink and some advice. Oliver is wondering if his approach is working correctly for the city and she said that if things are improving don’t focus on how fast it is happening. Towards the end of the show she shows up at his headquarters when he is leaving because she was able to get a guard to text her when he was about to leave and they go back out for another drink. I’m not sure how I think about all this, that they are together seems like a natural fit, but she is a reporter who has played dirty games so she might be playing the slow game to perfection to drop a nuclear bomb on him.

Deputy Mayor Lance puts in his resignation because he doesn’t feel like things are right. Thea is taken aback and upset about it, she ends up going to his house to check on him and find out what is happening. He tells her that he has still been drinking, he hasn’t fallen off the wagon because he was never on the wagon. He said that he has been experiencing black outs, and the most recent one he woke up bleeding and with one of the throwing stars on his table. Thea and Lance don’t believe that he is moonlighting as Prometheus but he wants to distance himself from everyone for safety reasons. Thea ends up taking him to a rehab center and says that he needs to do it for himself and to make Laurel proud, even though he didn’t go himself, it seems that he is ready to embrace it and take these steps. Thea says that his Deputy spot will be available when he gets out.

When the episode concludes, we see Artemis on a rooftop meeting someone. Telling him, “don’t worry nobody followed me, nobody suspects a thing.” We find out it is Prometheus himself. This is an interesting twist, is she working with the enemy now? Is she working a deep undercover? With her this could go either way, her and Green Arrow haven’t looked eye to eye from the beginning and I’m curious how this plays out.