Once Upon A Time returns for a brand new season seven this week on ABC with a retooled plot. While Prince, Snow and Emma Charming won’t be the central characters this season anymore; Emma’s now adult son Henry (new comer, Andrew J. West) — after the time jump from the end of last season — will be our lead hero!

Adult Henry

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Henry finds himself along with his grandfather Rumple (Robert Carlyle), adoptive mother Regina (Lana Parrilla) and step-father Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) forgetting who they are in the modern world thanks to a new curse. This then leads Henry’s own daughter Lucy (new comer, Alison Fernandez) to try to make them all remember again.

While this may sound like a call back to the first season of how a young Henry made his mother, Emma remember who she is then, there are slight significant changes this go around. Firstly, the big bad this year, Lady Tremaine (new comer, Gabrielle Anwar) who is better known as Cinderella’s (new comer, Dania Ramiez) wicked stepmother. Lady Tremaine creates this new curse that displaces our heroes into a newly remade/remixed Enchanted Forest and also a new modern world location called Hyperion Heights located within Seattle. Secondly, plot twist, Lucy is both Henry’s and Cinderella’s daughter!


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Now will Henry and the other’s memories return in this week’s premier episode or will they stretch it out to a full year long story like how season one was? That all remains to be seen as the cast and crew are tightlipped about any other surprises — including when Emma and the other Charming’s will eventually reappear. So tune in this Friday, Oct 6. at 8 pm to find out!

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