Last episode Francis told Mary he was dying, so I guess it’s time to tell the rest of the family.  Every member of the family reacts differently.


Let’s start with Catherine and Charles.  With the news, reality hits hard for Charles.  Not only is his brother dying, but after he dies, he will be King.  If that didn’t create enough stress, Francis tell Charles he want him to marry Mary to secure both France and Scotland.  In protest, Charles refuses and runs to the imprisoned Catherine for comfort.  Catherine being the schemer she is, uses Charles to pass a secret note to Count Germain for a “full reckoning of the realm’s accounts”.  In reality, Germain is an assassin, and the note was code for “exterminate the entire Bourbon line”.  After discovering this, Charles regrets going to his mother and agrees to wed Mary

Claude, being the selfish princess she is, is worried about her status at court after her brother dies.  She tries to send Leith on a hunt to retrieve her lost blanket, but he refuses, only to search for it after he overhears Charles refusing Claude’s request to married whomever she wants once he is King.  When Leith returns empty handed, he informs Claude that he knows that the blanket was given to her by her father, and the two become closer.

Still being pursued by Narcisse, Lola also learns of Francis’ illness from Mary, and with that information is more willing to start an affair with Narcisse (even though he planted the rats in her tub to scare her into his arms, but that’s another story).  After some picnic sex and some kisses, Lola tells Narcisse that if he will be patient, marriage won’t be off the table after all.  Well played on both parties, well played.

Now to my favorite character, Bash!  Being the very loyal brother he is, Bash promises to protect John when Francis dies (us bastards got to stick together!), and then goes to prove Delphine’s (the evil WITCH) innocence, which only leads to more blood.  Where are you Kenna!  Kennash Forever!

Going to England, Elizabeth is dealing with the ramification of harboring Catherine in England.  Having to defend herself and her country, she enlist the help of her friend Lady Donatella to testify/lie to her council stating that she is related to Catherine and that she introduced Catherine to Elizabeth.  After Donatella is banished from court because of her testimony, she threatens to recant her statement, only to have Elizabeth offer safe passage with as much gold as she need.  That would be great for Donatella, if only Elizabeth didn’t call her a traitor and send her guards to arrest her two minutes later.

Source: E Online

Besides dealing with Donatella, Elizabeth has to deal with the fact that her lover, Sir Robert Dudley has been nominated for the French Ambassador position.  Conflicted by her duty and her heart, Elizabeth tries to do both by emasculating Dudley in from of her council.  This backfires when Dudley threatens to end the relationship.  In return, Elizabeth threatens the life of Robert’s wife, Amy.  Very mature you guys!

As for the ambassador positions, Queen Liz appoints it to her “retired” friend/spy Nicholas.  Finally, some English spy action on French soil!

As the episode ends and the credits role, I see King Antione back at French court.  Seeing that Catherine almost had his entire blood line killed, this should be interesting.  Until next week lovelies…..