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Superstore – Grand Re-Opening

Amy's getting divorced, Jonah is homeless, Jeff has a toupee, & Dina doesn't know who Howie Mandel is!
Superstore - Season 3
Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

Last we visited Cloud 9, an epic tornado wreaked havoc in the store and pushed Amy & Jonah to sit in a corner, hold on for their lives, & k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

The premiere picks ups a few months after the catastrophic event, when Glenn calls everyone back into work so they can set up for the store’s re-opening. Except well, because he’s Glenn, he misread the memo and instead of calling them all in a week prior to the opening, brings them in the. day. of!

So they only have FOUR hours to prepare the store for the ribbon cutting, while construction is still going on inside. To make things more stressful, each team member is dealing with their own personal issues, making it hard for them to focus.

Superstore - Season 3
Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

She’s not actually dealing with anything, but she doesn’t know who Howie Mandel (the comedian, not the one from HR) is and mistakes him for a new hire. She yells at him a little and puts him to work! Howie is being all “don’t you know who I am” so he sort of deserves this treatment.

Actually she’s cool too, but she helps Mateo with his life threatening dilemma

Jeff hasn’t called back or responded to the voicemail Mateo left him during the hurricane where he confessed his love. Mateo starts freaking out when he learns that his ex will be at the store later for the ribbon cutting. He & Cheyenne try to recreate the conditions of the phone call with a giant fan but it doesn’t really work. When Jeff does show up, he’s wearing a toupee and keeps talking about his boyfriend…so Mateo lets him know he looks stupid.

Superstore - Season 3
Source: Superstore // NBCU

Her boyfriend has been in the coma ever since the storm, so let’s say a moment of silence for him, because no one at work seemed to care.

Still MIA – probably dead tbh.

His apartment was completely destroyed in the storm so he’s living in a FEMA trailer right now. Cheyenne volunteers Garret’s 2 bedroom as a temporary solution. Poor bb is being all awkward around Amy and has to take showers in the work bathroom, so he’s not doing great right now.

Superstore - Season 3
Source: Superstore // NBCU

He finally volunteers to let Jonah stay with him after seeing him struggle all episode, but he has a lot of strict rules for Jonah to follow, including not being around on Wednesdays when his Black friends come over.

Homegirl is being awkward around Jonah since the kiss and doesn’t know how to act around him. Dina makes them both go pick up some Minion costumes and they’re forced to hang out in silence and awkwardness. When they return and are in the privacy of the costumes, Amy admits to him that despite the moment she and her husband had after the storm, they’ve decided to split up and get divorced.

Superstore - Season 3
Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

It’s great that Amy is finally getting out of that sort of terrible relationship and trying to be happy, and also that now she and Jonah can move into the will they won’t they thing and then will they and then break up and then have sexual tension and then get married, you know, as the trope goes.

A new episode of Superstore airs tonight on NBC! 

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