The first few seconds of Archer: Danger Island teases the fact that we’re in yet another fantasy rendition and that super-spy Sterling Archer is still in coma. Rather than post World War II LA, we’re treated to a Doc Savage-esque world of Danger Island. The original voice actors are all recast as denizens of a South Pacific French colony in 1939, or, in the case of Lucky Yates (Krieger), wildlife.

This makes for the third reboot of Archer and sees the writers exploring another series of period tropes while sticking to common themes of the show. The setting itself bears more than a passing resemblance to the 3-part episode “Heart of Archness” from season 3. Archer has an eye-patch and seduces newlywed ladies on honeymoon, but the characters are all notably different versions of themselves.

Much like Dreamland before it, there’s a bit of a disconnect between the voices associated with the most dysfunctional spy agency ever and their hallucinatory counterparts. It’s definitely interesting to see the writers and voice actors put a different spin on characters that have become so identifiable over the seven non-coma story arc of Archer.


Regular Cast, sans Mallory. Source:

The first episode leaves us with a great cliffhanger chock full of pulp drama and action. While fans may be understandably curious about when Archer will finally wake up from his coma, 8-episode Danger Island will undoubtedly be a welcome distraction. No matter the story, at its heart, it’s still Adam Reed’s Archer, so it’s always worth watching.