With Halloween creeping up on us, we’re all in the horror movie spirit… but what to watch? Here’s my list of 13 Halloween-themed horror staples in no particular order to get you in the holiday spirit!

Trick ‘r Treat


Picture Source: Legendary Pictures/Bad Hat Harry Productions (Trick ‘r Treat)

This anthology-style movie is a modern classic, interweaving horror threads into one larger picture. Not only is the monster Sam adorably creepy, the cast is phenomenal!

Hocus Pocus


Picture Source: Walt Disney Pictures (Hocus Pocus)

Despite the recent news of a modern remake (boooo), this kids’ horror by Disney is great for adults as well! If you haven’t been watching the Sanderson Sisters every Halloween, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Night of the Demons


Picture Source: Paragon Arts/Republic Picture (Night of the Demons)

Not only is this franchise fantastic, nothing gets you in the spooky spirit more than a costume party séance in a haunted house on Halloween! Bring on the possessions!

Ginger Snaps


Picture Source: Lionsgate Entertainment (Ginger Snaps)

Angsty goth teens meets gory killer werewolves? Sign me up! This franchise has become more of a cult classic, but it’s definitely a must-see this season. Also, period metaphors!



Picture Source: Singer-White Productions (Halloweentown)

Another family movie!? Lay off. The Halloweentown franchise is a staple for families across the universe this time of year, and you best not go without watching at least one of them.

Pet Sematary


Picture Source: Paramount Pictures (Pet Sematary)

What, you didn’t think the King was going to make this list? Stephen King has written a trillion novels with a billion adaptations, but the dark lord of horror has mostly avoided the stereotypical Halloween setting. That’s not the case for this classic beyond-the-grave story!

The Exorcist


Picture Source: Hoya Productions (The Exorcist)

My personal favourite; you can’t have Halloween without spider-walks up stairs and vomiting goo.

The Amityville Horror


Picture Source: American International Pictures (The Amityville Horror)

Another franchise to binge this season! How many horror movies are nominated for major awards? You can probably count it on one hand. This Oscar-nominated classic is iconic to so many, and definitely cannot be forgotten this year!



Picture Source: SLM Production/MGM (Poltergeist)

Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg? Oh my! This is widely considered one of the best and scariest horror films of all time, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re here!

Addams Family Values


Picture Source: Paramount Pictures (Addams Family Values)

Really any Addams Family flick will do, but this one always holds a special place in my heart. Macabre, creepy, fun? Of course. Horror, strictly speaking? Not so much. But if you trek through October without even thinking of Wednesday Addams once, you’re dead to me.



Picture Source: Laurel Entertainment (Creepshow)

Anthologies and horror go together like pumpkins and bats. Not only is the cast extremely well-established, it’s rife with cameos from famous horror names! Stephen King and George A. Romero coming together for a collaboration project? The ‘80s were the years for horror, I’m telling you.

Murder Party


Picture Source: Magnolia Pictures (Murder Party)

Lighten up a little! With all these frights, we deserve a little laugh sometimes. This dark Halloween horror comedy is by the creator of the wildly popular Green Room and will leave you… in stitches.



Picture Source: Compass International/Falcon Productions/Debra Hill (Halloween)

Well, duh.

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