Jake and Caleb…back in GenPop! (Photo Source: FOX)

A few months have passed since Jake and Rosa were framed by Lt. Hawkins for all of HER crimes. Jake is in a maximum security facility in South Carolina, while Rosa is up in Connecticut and even got to spend some time in solitary…an experience that only Rosa wouldn’t find so bad.

Most of the half hour is spent with Jake, he and his roommate are in the high security area because Jake’s a former cop and everyone wants to kill him, and his roommate Caleb (Tim Meadows) was busted for child canibalism. (Here is your reminder that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is actually a dark comedy a lot of the time…) After Jake gets busted for “smuggling” picante beef ramen (to get a cell phone from a leader of one of the big gangs, Romero), Jake and Caleb are transferred back to GenPop. Jake decides he needs to join a gang for protection, you know, because everyone wants to kill him. So after everyone else turns him down, he finally reapproaches Romero, who’s happy to let “Beef Baby” in, because of his great ramen advice (sprinkle some uncooked on the top as a garnish). The only thing Jake has to do is get an abusive guard fired! Easy peasy! …not really. After Jake got beaten up four times because Caleb doesn’t know how to use a camera phone, the Warden caught him again. The only difference this time is that the Warden said he’d let it slide if he’d report on what Romero’s gang is up to. Looks like Jake’s a cop no matter where he is! The only trouble is, Romero may have caught wind of this, because he threatened Jake…and Amy heard it all over the phone.

In Connecticut, Rosa is handling prison as best she can…even though Holt and Terry keep visiting her and acting really weird. Terry can barely keep himself from crying and Holt keeps trying to make her feel human by saying her name. She decides to mess with them by giving them an insane list of chores to do back in Brooklyn. They do most of the chores without complaint…because she’s in prison! But having to cancel her cable was the last straw. They go back to see her and she reveals she’s just trying to get them to act normal again. She’s surrounded by strange; she needs normal and she’s only getting it from Hitchcock (who’s …girlfriend?…is in the same facility). Side note about Hitchcock: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million more times, the guys not funny. He’s weird as hell. I don’t like seeing him on my screen.

If this season is following the pattern of seasons past, we’ll only have to deal with them in the big house for another episode or so. Then, things will get back to “normal”. The question is: will anything bad happen before then??