I can’t beeelive it’s you again. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

To the DC universe we saw a familiar foe in Brie Larvan. Brie Larvan was previously stopped by Flash with the help of Felicity Smoak. Brie was in prison and supposed to be there without a chance for parole. However she was allowed at least 30 minutes of computer time a week for some odd reason. She used that to her advantage as she was able to log into the records and set herself up for early release.

Damian Darhk is still in prison, and it’s not going as well as he would hoped. Malcolm Merlyn went to visit Damian to tell him that the HIVE has moved on without him and he won’t find the support he once thought of on the inside.

We find out what it is Brie wants with Palmer technologies, we learn that she has a tumor that is wrapped around her spine, that needs a delicate surgery that would likely kill her if she is not able to have the microchip prototype that Felicity has. Brie crashes the board meeting that Felicity is supposed to be at and kills a board member to get her message across. Brie brings her robotic bees to Palmer tech and has the building surrounded. Felicity, Thea, and Felicity’s mother are trapped inside the building.

Curtis who was sent home from sickness sees what is going on the TV. He felt compelled to try to help save Felicity. He has some sort of tracking device on his phone that he used to try to find Felicity’s friends. It leads him to the Arrow bunker, which understandably caught Oliver, Laurel, Detective Lance, and John Diggle by surprise that someone literally walked right into the base. Curtis passes out, the team gives him an IV which brings him back to reality, he finds out the alter ego’s of the people he knows, minus John Diggle. He tells them he was trying to help, and he notices the computer and jumps right on to give it a test drive.

Curtis proves useful enough, and with Felicity trapped inside the building and unable to assist, as a useful option to try to help the team rescue everyone. Curtis was going to attempt a way to subdue the bees enough so the team could get inside, however the bees form into a huge robotic bee man. and end up stinging Oliver Queen and injecting him with one robotic bee. The bee ends up replicating itself into a number of smaller bees inside Oliver and it is extremely painful. Curtis is brainstorming why the bees are evolving and how previous ways had no effect on them. He was talking out loud about how a really high frequency might have the ability to draw them out if they were able to find a way to get a big enough concentrated sound. This obviously is in the skill set of the Black Canary who suits up to scream as loud as possible at Oliver to over ride the bees inside, and it works.

Inside the building Felicity and Thea get to a secret elevator and think of a way to have it bypass it’s normal floors, to blow up a wall, to save the board members to get them into the panic room. They do, and send the board members and Felicity’s mother on the way while they stay to confront Brie Larvan. While this is happening, Curtis has found a new way to stop the bees that hasn’t been tried before, however the bee that he was evaluating came to life and was buzzing all around the base trying to sting him and detective Lance and he wasn’t able to use his program.

Brie Larvan told Felicity what happened to her, why she wants the prototype and what she will do if she doesn’t get it. Felicity not wanting to fight about it at all tells Brie where she can go and look into the the file with all the information herself. So Brie goes to look into that, After having ample time to investigate she made a discovery, she recognized a lot of code as the hacker code that put her in jail in the first place. She realizes that Felicity was the hacker that stopped her. By the time Arrow and friends made it back to Palmer tech, during the melee Oliver is shot yet again. Curtis finally was able to get control of the bees, which turned around and stung Brie, resulting in her being hospitalized in a coma.

This episode ends with quite the swerve, Malcolm Merlyn is seen talking to someone, who is supposedly the ace in the hold for Damian Darhk, the person turns out to be John Diggle’s younger brother!