Photo Source: HBO // Game of Thrones

Throughout the entirety of season seven, I’ve gone online and seen articles like “Why Season 7 isn’t Actually Good” or “Game of Thrones Should Have Ended Already”, etc. Basically, people are complaining that since David Benioff and Dan Weiss took over with the storytelling, the show’s quality has diminished significantly. I vehemently disagree.

Do you all remember Season 5? Like, come on, close your eyes and think back to the horror and emotional trauma that was Season 5. It was Game of Thrones lowest point for most characters: Arya was stuck in Volantis, Sansa was stuck in an abusive marriage with Ramsay, Daenerys was stuck in Mereen with the murderous Sons of the Harpy, The Sparrows were running King’s Landing, and Jon Snow was literally murdered by his “brothers”. It was terrible…not just because things were dark. It was slow and boring for the most part.

In Season 6, things turned around, a little more good fortune was bestowed among our favorite characters and it has continued for the most part into season 7. Bad things still happens often, but we aren’t losing characters we love like we used to. We’ve widdled down to a smaller core of characters now…the writers can’t exactly be killing them off like flies anymore. Is the only thing that makes Game of Thrones good is the shock and awe of a surprise death? No! That may be what hooked many viewers to begin with, but if that’s your favorite part of the show, then you’re not really paying attention.

Or maybe you’re mad about how deep it’s delved into the fantasy aspect of the show…with the dragons and white walkers and…super fast (and three eyed) ravens. Well, I hate to break it to you, but the White Walkers were set up as the big bad all along: they were in the first scene of the Pilot! Now that we’re approaching the end of the series, they need to regain focus. And so do Jon and Daenerys (together), who George R. R. Martin has admitted are the focus of the series. And as for the pace at which the show is moving now? Why are you complaining? Daenerys was stuck in Essos for 6 whole seasons and it started to get old halfway through season 2. I don’t mind the speed up at all. As much as I love this show, I’m ready for it’s conclusion.

Speaking of it’s conclusion, it’s safe to guess that none of these critics I speak of will be happy with the Game of Thrones finale. George R. R. Martin has said that it will be “bittersweet”. It’s hard to guess what he means with that, though. We can expect some painful deaths, for sure, and it’s seems like we can also expect good to overtake evil…but it’s impossible to paint the ending picture with accuracy. What I do know for sure is that it will make the critics complain: “More people should’ve died”, “The Night King should have killed them”, “This show stopped being good after season 3!”

Okay, then, stop watching.

Because you’re incessant complaining is annoying the actual fans.