Courtesy of FXX

Are you ready Worsties??? Our favorite dysfunctional relationship returns this week, after 7 months! When last we left Jimmy and Gretchen, Jimmy had just proposed, then abandoned, Gretchen after getting cold feet. That was oh so long ago! This Wednesday, September 6, You’re the Worst finally returns after a looooong hiatus to find Jimmy and Gretchen have gone their separate ways, and have not handled it well. Gretchen is living with gal pal Lindsay, while Jimmy is on the prowl (rebound?) having left Lost Angeles for the trailer park? life. Viewers will be asking, will Jimmy and Gretchen ever make it work?

The Game of Nerds will have all of your You’re the Worst news all season long. Tune in with us Wednesday, September 6, 2017 for a livetweet of the premiere at 10p PST, then check back weekly for recaps of every episode!