Much of You’re the Worst’s amazing second season focused on Gretchen’s mental illness, her unwillingness to take medication, and her failure to seek therapy for her depression. Because the show’s writers have an excellent record of continuity, this season has kicked off by addressing those same issues, as Gretchen finally seeks help – in episode 1 we learned Gretchen had started medication, and now we see that Gretchen has taken the suggestion of her psychiatrist to see a therapist (Justina, played by the ah-mazzzing Samira Wiley from Orange Is the New Black).

Nothing seems to go smoothly for Gretchen, and therapy seems no different. She takes Jimmy with her to her first session, and he monopolizes much of the time, while Gretchen sits in the corner. When it is finally Gretchen’s turn, she’s dismissive of the process and combative with Justina. She does have issues, she admits, such as an inability to open the mail at the house (the one chore that she’s assigned to do each week), but she’ll handle them. After leaving in a huff, Gretchen spends time trailing Justina (so that she can tell her that she’s never going back to therapy, she explains). But when the two finally meet again, Gretchen comes to the realization that she does need help and tells Justina that she’ll be there for their next session. When Gretchen returns home, she makes a bit of progress, deciding to tackle the mail. This backfires, however, when she opens a letter from Jimmy’s family in England which reads: “Shitty Jimmy, Dad’s Dead.” Poor Gretch.

Elsewhere, Jimmy continues to work on the book proposal he began last season and turns to Edgar for some feedback. Edgar has notes, but Jimmy doesn’t want actual constructive criticism, he just wants compliments. Edgar gives really good notes though! But Jimmy has already sent his initial proposal to the publisher. In a moment (albeit short) of growth, Jimmy begins to revise his book proposal. But just as he does so, he gets word that his initial proposal was accepted. This just reinforces Jimmy’s impression that he didn’t need input to begin with, and he spends the rest of the episode celebrating.

Edgar pops up in the episode again as he helps Dorothy move into her new apartment in WeHoCa (West of the Homeless Camp). Unfortunately, Edgar is still off of his PTSD meds, and becomes triggered by the homeless veterans near Dorothy’s apartment. Instead of helping, he spends much of the episode obsessively writing signs for the homeless so that they’ll get more of a response. He’s good at it, but somehow I think he should be spending more time with Dorothy…

Finally, last week Lindsay stabbed her husband, Paul, in a fit of panic. This week Lindsay spent most of the episode caring for him (badly) after she convinced him that the wound was his fault, because he’d backed into her knife. This is possibly the most dysfunctional relationship on TV, right?

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