Recap of HTGAWM Episode 3, “It’s Called the Octopus”

For all of its extraneous trappings, when HTGAWM sinks its teeth into a taboo subject, it is a dog with a bone. This week’s episode focused on the sensual-slightly seedy-underbelly of kink; specifically the kind of kink one sees people try to hide from the public.

Annalise picks up the case of a woman accused of murdering her client/lover during an orgy. Say what you will about the messiness of Annalises’s personal life, but when she steps into a court, she commands. She inspires. She shuts down the naysayers. Annalise as a defense attorney is Beethoven composing his Fifth Symphony: an absolute master of her craft. One has the sense that even in the most dire straits, she’ll find a way to clear her client’s name. This is no different for Madame Tonya. Owner of a business called Utopia Circle, Tonya is told in no uncertain terms by Annalise, what must be done to maintain her freedom and keep her business. When she resists, Annalise once more lets her no (in no uncertain terms) what will happen if she doesn’t comply.

And what are the intrepid interns up to? Discussing their own sexcapades in the office. I guess this is their idea of suitable water cooler gossip. There’s a hilarious moment when they all realize that Michela has never experienced the Big O-which she is teased to the stars about.

At times, the interns presence feels almost tertiary to Annalise and her larger than life shenanigans. They’re given minimal duties, they do or don’t execute and it’s on to the next crisis. I have confidence the writers will tighten up their characterization to avoid this becoming a pattern in season 2.

The audience is provided tiny kernels of information regarding the flash forward to Annalise being shot. We see all of the interns. We see the dead assistant D.A. And we see Nate-having made some dastardly deal with Wes-driving the interns away from the scene. Let the speculation begin.

Favorite Lines:

“You minx!” Bonnie to Laurel (the dynamic duo we never knew we needed)