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We knew the finale of Claws would give us everything but the kitchen sink and boy oh boy, did it ever. Tracking Desna as she hightailed it through a deserted and abandoned amusement park, desperate to outrun a murderous Roller, we all felt her desire to be free. Free from Roller, the Dixie Mafia and the Russian mob. Free from it all.

Luckily she has her girls.

With Polly figuring out Desna was being held hostage, Ann was able to ping her cell location to the amusement park parking lot. Screeching through, the crew literally almost ran into Desna, outran a gun-toting Roller and headed back to Palmetto.

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Things in Palmetto proper are not in a good place. Wanda (Aunty Momma) has Jen and Bryce’s girls but the home is compromised. She protects the girls to her very last but is gut shot by a member of Riva’s grew. Bleeding out, she is found by Bryce and Uncle Daddy. One of the girls is safe but the other is now in the care (clutches) of Riva. As Wanda dies, Uncle Daddy vows revenge for her death.

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At She She’s, the proverbial sugar honey iced tea hits the fan. Roller slinks back, bowed and beaten down. He confesses his involvement with the Russians and the fact that he knocked up one of Riva’s underage nieces (a pervert and a pedophile. Gross).

It’s a total sh*t show.

As my good friend Shannon M. made note of on Twitter: Niecy Nash just solidified an Emmy nomination with her look of exasperation while Uncle Daddy, Bryce and Roller wrestled and fought each other on the strip club floor. Desna’s face was every Black woman when we view nonsense going on for no good reason.

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Desna is nothing if not resourceful and concocts a plan to get Jen and Bruce’s daughter back AND get out from the Dixie Mafia. The whole crew is involved and the meet goes down at a retirement facility. With the retirees grooving to “The Humpty Dance,” (never change Claws) the terms are outlined that Uncle Daddy forks over 50% of his business income to Riva, in perpetuity. Riva (a boss and a baller) says “Nah,” and tells him you’re giving me 100%!

While the negotiations are undergoing, Roller was held by 2 of Riva’s bodyguards. Dr. Ken sneaks in and gets Roller a gun while Riva is distracted by Uncle Daddy’s associate. In a twist, the associate flips and pulls a gun on Uncle Daddy. Another associate pulls MORE guns on the Russian crew…back and forth until, the entire retirement home pulls guns on Desna and the Dixie Mafia. And just like that, it’s over. Game, set, match, Riva.

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Safely ensconced at Glint Nails, the ladies of Nail Artisans of Manatee County should breathe a sigh of relief. But this is Claws and things don’t come easy for our intrepid crew. Changes are coming  (Virginia’s positive pregnancy test! Polly as an adoptive mom to Marnie!) but at least the crew is together, right? Wrong. Desna breaks down that she’ll remain at Nail Artisans to launder Uncle Daddy’s clinic money while Quiet Ann, Polly and Virginia work Glint Nails. As for Jen, she gives the new shop in totality to her bff. It’s a somber moment until the crew tells Desna they ride or die with her, not without. And with that Nail Artisans of Manatee County continues its nail art domination.
With the Dixie Mafia taking a hit financially and emotionally, Uncle Daddy tries to consolidate his resources and reaches out to central Florida power players in the dope game. Seeing a familiar frame in a warehouse, I looked on in horror as “Dr.” Ruvall turned around to address Uncle Daddy’s concerns.

Claws, keeping us on our toes until the very last shot.

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