(Beware!  This is a spoiler ridden review!  Do not read unless you have already seen the episode or don’t mind being spoiled by spoilers!)

And we’re back folks!  I don’t know about you, but I’m still reeling from last night.  It wasn’t so much that any twists or major surprises were thrown at us.  It was more that so much happened in just 45 minutes!  Shockingly, every main character had their chance to be on screen.  The only person we didn’t get a glimpse of was Miss Davina Claire.  I presume that was for a reason, oh powers-that-be?

Considering the amazing fact that almost ever member of the cast had their own plot, let’s section this up by person and/or relationship.

Hayley and Hope 

Hope to Hayley: You’re the one that taught me “my body, my choice.”  Well, my blood, my choice!  (After having created a hybrid)

I admit, I went into the new season worrying I wasn’t going to like older and more mature Hope Mikaelson.  What I had seen of her in the trailers made her look a bit full of herself.  I know, I’m likely the only one with this opinion.  I’m probably also the only person that didn’t warm up to her during the premiere either.

Hope is going to the very “X-Men-like” school for gifted pretty people.  (Come on!  Are you saying you didn’t notice how pretty all those young people are?) She obviously resents her father for being away and even bought a ticket to London in the hopes thing being in the same country as him would help instigate a meeting.  Hope didn’t get a chance to find out because she made a mistake.  She turned a boy at school into a hybrid.  Personally, I think she was smarter than that.  She spent the first several years with the whole Mikaelson clan.  She has spent the past seven years being raised by Hayley, Freya, and others such as Josh and Vincent.  She knows what responsibility looks like and I have to believe she’s seen what people think of hybrids.

On the other hand, I have to applaud the way Hayley is handling her daughter.  Raising that fireball can’t be easy, especially when this new hybrid boy makes his first kill.  Immediately, Hayley is having to force regret into her daughter while also persuading the vampire and werewolves of the quarter not to flip out!  It’s my opinion that things are going to spin out of her control soon enough.  Hayley being kidnapped at the end of the episode is clue enough.  Is it too much to imagine her new adorable guy Declan might save the day?  Probably.

Marcel and Rebecca 

Marcel to Rebecca: You are the love of all my lives.

Is anyone else swooning from the most perfect proposal ever?  “Four objects and a promise!” SIGH.  While I was totally backing Marcel’s play here, I knew Rebecca was going to say no.  I knew it even before Marcel gave her the ultimatum of choosing him or choosing her family.  He has been around for enough of the Mikaelson’s history to know the answer to that question.  Rebecca will not allow herself to have happiness if her family does not enjoy the same.  Sadly for Marcel, that leaves him little choice but to return to New Orleans.

That’s not going to go over well.

Freya and Vincent are Buds?  

Vincent to Freya: No, no, no ma’am miss Pam.  You are not going anywhere.  You and me are a team and you are staying here!

This is a friendship I didn’t see coming, but I’m quite enjoying.  They support each other in a city where support is vital to survival.  However, that doesn’t stop Vincent from giving Freya permission to go see her overseas girlfriend.  He does this even though he knows what risk to New Orleans it is.  Tensions are high in the city.  Trouble is coming and in ways to close to home, it is already here.  Vincent knows that as well as he knows that Freya needs to escape it all for awhile.

I don’t know that we’ll get flashbacks for these two, but I’d love to see how this friendship came to happen.

Klaus and Caroline 

Caroline to Klaus: We’ve all heard the rumors that you’ve gone totally bonkers, but from where I’m standing, you only seem normal crazy to me.”

Is there anything cuter than Caroline forcing the Great and Terrifying Klaus Mikaelson to help her clean up blood HE spilled?  I don’t think so!  There was a beautiful maturity to the conversations between these two that I loved.  After all, they are both parents now.  Caroline knows more about Hope than Klaus does as a result of working at the school Hope was attending.

It has been a long time since I saw the episodes of “Vampire Diaries” where Caroline and Klaus did their adorable flirting.  It does seem, however, as if there is a chemistry between them that wasn’t there before.  Caroline puts Klaus in his place in a way I’ve only ever seen Elijah do.  She sees through him.  She sees through his lies and what he is trying to convince the whole entire world: Klaus is mad.  Caroline also knows not to push too hard, or is it just me that Klaus looks as if he’s walking around on the verge of breaking down?  It is most obvious when he talks about having lost Elijah and when Klaus admits to avoiding Hope because he’s afraid he’ll be the same kind of father that Michael was.

Klaus and Elijah

Klaus to Elijah: My brother has gone away.  I’m only just now realizing how far he’s gone.

Klaus spent a lot of his scenes trying to convince people he’s gone mad.  He’s crazy again.  He’s lost all of his marbles doesn’t care to locate them again.  Of course, every viewer had no problem seeing through that to what the Original’s actions were really saying: I’m alone.  Klaus has never done well by himself and while the reason for it this time is a noble one (protecting his daughter) I also think it’s breaking him.  Sure, you can say that brokenness shows most in his slaughtering of people who did him wrong.  I think the brokenness of Klaus shows most in his visits to a certain bar where a certain brother of his plays piano.

What’s amazing is that none of the Mikaelson family ever realized just how much they relied on Elijah for direction and a sense of calm.  Elijah kept Klaus from going off the rails.  He was the source of support and morals for all of the siblings.  He was also always the quickest to do what was needed for the family, without hesitation or remorse or even rage.

Klaus said “I’m not good without my brother” and it is going to be fascinating to see just how true that is.  How bad could all the Mikaelsons be when scattered, alone, and without each other for balance?

Questions we have going into next week: 

Who took Hayley?

What will the reunion between Klaus and Hope look like?

Will Marcel returning to New Orleans be more of a disaster or a help?

How bad might Klaus get without any siblings to temper him?  Or will Caroline fill that role?

How will Hope use these “sire powers” of hers?

Will Freya actually go see her overseas girlfriend or will she get dragged back by her family once again?

Because if there is one thing “always and forever” about the Mikaelson family, it’s that you can’t escape the Mikaelson family.  This goes for whether you are their prey or one of them.