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I struggled to sit down and write this recap. I struggled because I was let down by this series finale, and I can’t imagine I’m the only one, but I’m also sure many of you will disagree with me.

Obviously, Season 1 was the best, Season 2 was good but paled in comparison, and many critics said Season 3 was just like season 1, but to be honest, I had a hard time staying engaged every week. And the resolution of both the Trish Winterman case and the Latimer’s storyline will do nothing to help me look back fondly on the show that once captured my attention completely.

Let me explain why… (and recap along the way).

There were about 5 strong suspects in the Trish Winterman rape case, by the end it seemed like all signs pointed to Jim Atwood. I really hoped he would be the culprit, honestly. It seemed like he had a plausible motive, and he caused a riff between Trish and Cath. But then, after about 15 more twists and turns DURING the finale, we found out that Leo Humphries and Michael Lucas (Clive the Cab Driver’s son) actually committed the rape. It turns out that Leo is a sick serial rapist and forced Michael to rape Trish after he knocked her out. This is what really gets me–Leo is not a huge, scary guy; Michael could’ve said no and probably even punched him. Leo’s girlfriend probably could’ve stood up to him, too. Of course, I don’t want to make assumptions, I’ve never been in a situation like that (luckily), but it’s just unrealistic to me that this young man could openly be so sick and violent and just get away with it. Not to mention, he had no real motive for “choosing” Trish. She was just there. The whole resolution made me feel sick and sad. I guess, at least they had enough evidence to lock him up and keep him there.

Onto another mediocre resolution, after the emotional turmoil the Latimer’s have faced for the past 3 years, you’d really hope that they would find a way to “keep their love as strong as steel”, like Mark said at the end of season 2, but instead, they decided to split up. Mark’s leaving town–the man who just attempted suicide and lost his family is leaving town by himself while the rest of his family just hangs out and has a happy dinner in the back yard. WHATEVER, GUYS. I just don’t even know how to properly express my annoyance in words.

Those were really the only two storylines tied up in the finale, everything else was left vague and open ended. The finale ended with a strange but character appropriate conversation between Miller and Hardy near Broadchurch beach, where the whole story began.

I guess I shouldn’t have expected a “good” ending from such a dark show, but I never like it when a finale leaves you upset and dissatisfied–it seems like a disservice to the viewer. I just hope Chris Chibnall (and Jodie Whittaker!) can bring levity back to Doctor Who (where there off to next) and not whatever I watched on my screen last week.

Bye, Broadchurch; I actually DON’T think I’ll miss you.