Felicity, “Do you think Helix can hack in and change the current story lines? Nobody seems to like them anymore.” Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Arrow goes to find Talia Al Ghul, who trained Oliver to find out who was also trained by Talia that is trying to kill him. She tells him that it is a man who calls himself Adrian Chase.

Felicity not being able to change the story lines with Helix is able to find out how far of a reach Helix has. They have running TV feeds of all the cell phones. Meanwhile Oliver tries to get to Adrian Chase but is not successful so he goes in his Arrow cover to meet Adrian in a parking garage. Adrian says that he has Susan Hostage and if he was to die she would die too. He tells Oliver he is ten steps ahead of Oliver and he doesn’t even know what game they are playing. Trying to think outside the box Oliver and the team try to find Adrian’s hideout while Arrow goes to talk to his wife. Adrian’s wife doesn’t really understand what Arrow is talking about but the SCPD comes to the house to stop Arrow.

The Green Arrow is the big bad guy again, as Oliver has a press conference after the Arrow broke into Adrian Chases house as retaliation and tried to murder his family. Oliver says that Green Arrow is supposed to be shot on site now for being a traitor. After the conference Oliver goes to the police chief Pike and tells him that Adrian Chase is really Simon Morrison and with some research it will be found he is the throwing star killer. He wants him to work the lead but if asked it didn’t come from him. Shortly after that Pike is stabbed by “chance” and is comatose. It’s obvious because he was given some information about Chase.

Coming up empty and short on time Felicity goes back to Helix to find Susan. She is shot down at first unless she is willing to do something for them as people were starting to ask why Felicity was there if she didn’t do anything after getting Pandora. Helix asks Felicity to reprogram a homeland security drone. Curtis helps Felicity with it but doesn’t like it. Felicity is finally able to track down the location for Adrian Chase,

Wild Dog and Dyna end up trapped inside. Arrow is able to find Susan trapped in an elevator. The elevator goes down to the lower level, Arrow tells Susan to go back to safety as Arrow has to face Prometheus on his own. John Diggle didn’t go as he had another mission, he went and got Adrian Chases wife and brought her to the building. She sees Adrian in person as Prometheus and doesn’t understand why he is doing that. Prometheus gets close and stabs his own wife. Talia Al Ghul shows up and shoots Prometheus, but when others go to find them Prometheus and Arrow have vanished.

Felicity goes back to find Oliver with the help of Helix. We find that Oliver is in some sort of jail cell somewhere, being held by Talia Al Ghul, or so we think. It is actually Adrian Chase that has capture of Oliver as Talia leaves. Adrian says that he is going to help Oliver find who he really is. Next week we see lots of torture coming Oliver’s direction.