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Claws” has introduced the Dixie Mafia to mainstream television and boy of boy, are those fools crazy. 

When last we saw our girl Desna, Roller had a gun trained on her and was pushing her into her car. Heading to all of Des’s banks, Roller has her clean out her accounts so he can pay his debts back to Riva and her Russian mob. During her captivity, we see flashbacks of Desna’s life pre-Roller. It’s an interesting split that feels organic and unforced. The evolution of Desna is significantly tied to her meeting Roller, becoming his girlfriend (sort of) and agreeing to launder Uncle Daddy’s clinic funds. 

Courtesy of Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc.

While things are running smoothly at the salon, Polly’s Spidey sense tingles when Virginia takes a call from Desna. Relaying a rambling, very NON Desna-like message (“She said she’s gonna fall onto his c*ck.”), Polly goes into research mode to figure things out.
As for Quiet Ann: she and her detective girlfriend Judy are hot, heavy and talking living together. During a daytime make out session, Ann finds a file on Desna. A file that will lead to her arrest on attempted murder. Letting Polly know the details, Ann is horrified when Polly tells her to end things (and end Judy). Yelling “I love her!,” Ann gets the “What’s love got to do with it?!” answer from Polly.

Courtesy of Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc.

With pressure from Polly (including the ultimate guilt trip of her listing everything Desna had ever done for them), Quiet Ann drugs Arlene and lets nature do the rest. Seeing Arlene (who has had a DUO in the past) in her squad car, driving across the median and falling asleep…we all know that investigation against Desna is going away.

At the meet with the Russians, Roller renigs on the deal and does what Roller does: shoots them both. Desna runs (in heels and a leather outfit, natch) and the last image we have is our protagonist fleeing for her life in an abandoned amusement park.

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