The Walking Dead had a good episode and a bad episode to start in my mind. This episode was a fantastic episode! We had so many things going on this episode but nothing seemed to rush.

I absolutely loved the start, wave after wave of walkers heading towards Alexandria, then it became waves of walkers from the north and the south. Alexandrians had to fight for over 44 hours straight! At the 49 hour mark is when walkers were coming from the north AND the south, Gamma came and told them to head to the north, wait for her and lay down their weapons. Gamma also insists that all the waves of walkers are not from them.

Lydia seems to agree, saying that if it was the Whisperers they would send the entire horde, not just waves at a time. Siddiq freaks out during the town hall meeting, which will be touched on more later. The plans are set, Gabriel has north duty, Aaron has south duty, while Carol, Michonne, Daryl and others are to go meet Alpha. Aaron is appointed Negan as a fighter from Gabriel.

At the border meeting, Alpha knows, she knows a lot, which makes you think she has a spy. She knows that the group crossed into her land three times, in the storm, for the fire, and that Michonne and Aaron crossed the riverbank recently. She says they should be punished, but she is willing to look at context, so no bloodshed will happen but their punishment is losing more land. Carol takes a shot, literally at Alpha but Michonne stops it. As the group heads back 3 Whisperers followed them, Carol saw and shot at them. Nobody could find anything and some thought she was seeing things. The group gets to a school for some shelter, Carol is popping pills and insists on taking first shift.

SHE TRIPS THE EFF OUT! Thinking she had a whole family backstory conversation with Daryl, and it all ends up not happening at all. When Daryl comes to relieve her he has no idea what she was talking about. Carol realizes she was having more visions, took her last pill and told Daryl she will take another hour. She sees a Whisperer, gets fooled, and trapped in the gym. She used her last bullet shooting at, and ultimately killing the whisperer, a lot of walkers approach as she is hanging by a foot upside down. Carol is able to slay all of the walkers before the timer goes off to wake everyone else up. At the conclusion of the episode, we see the whisperer with mask, “awake” as a walker, and it will be VERY interesting to see how that turns out.


NEGAN LIVES outside the walls! Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Negan and Aaron butt heads a bit, Negan is trying to do right by everyone, despite Aaron not trusting him. Aaron gets hurt by a walker with moss on him that blinds him. In the end Negan saves, and protects Aaron for the night, another redemption arc for Negan.

Eugene gets shot down by Rosita, and it was hard to watch, but that is only because Eugene and Rosita played it out perfectly, and you are easily able to relate to how that conversation went down.


Dante is pretty shifty. Something about him I don’t trust. Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

One of the big things is with Siddiq, he freaked out during the town hall meeting. When Carol and company got back from the border, Carol had glass in her arm from her fall, and Siddiq wasn’t able to remove the shard. He froze, and freaked out, and his assistant Dante takes the lead and removes it, and also lets Siddiq take the credit when Daryl and Michonne are waiting. Dante opens up afterwards to Siddiq saying he was a medic in the army, and he lost his troops, and had PTSD, and he sees the same symptoms in Siddiq.