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Episode Synopsis:

While Red thinks she detects trouble, others presume she is just paranoid; Cindy and Taystee turn to an unlikely ally; two friends clash.


I first gotta say, that I loved this episode because it was shot like a horror movie. It had a totally different vibe than any other episode we’ve seen, and I applaud the writers for coming up with this idea. It was definitely fitting because Piscatella is indeed, a monster.

The Missing

In true horror/mystery fashion, many of our beloved inmates got taken by Piscatella. I liked that for most of the characters, there was more of a mystery element to how Piscatella grabbed each person individually, and it left you using your imagination because we all know Piscatella is intimidating and could do some serious harm. The only characters we saw physically being harmed was Flores, Nicky and Red. Flores hung in there for a little while, but she obviously wasn’t strong enough to overtake Piscatella. Nicky looked like she got chloroformed, and Red really didn’t stand a chance. Also, I felt bad for Red the entire episode, because even though she was coming off her high, nobody was believing her that Piscatella was actually in the building. I think it was the fact that she’s been obsessing over him since the riot started. But thankfully, she was determined to find some answers, and she definitely did. Lastly, I’m really wondering how Piscatella got around the prison without being detected. He’s a huge guy and he’s in full gear, so how could he not be noticed? I guess that was part of the horror genre magic. And it was pretty impressive, that he found a way to put a note in Red’s cookbook.


While she was hunting down Piscatella, we got to see more flashback’s of Red’s life, but when she was younger. Because she was living in Russia, times were tough and she was really unhappy. We saw that her friend was trying to rebel against the system, and Red decided she would too. And it all started with a simple pair of jeans. Her and her friend went to a party, met some people and went into full resistance mode. But things didn’t stay all hunky dory. Obviously, during that time, things were strict, so eventually people who were rebelling, ended up getting caught and in this case, kind of vanishing. Thank god, her old boyfriend came up with a plan to get them to America. I think this story really shows how resilient Red is. She doesn’t back down from a challenge, and this story definitely coincided with what was happening in the rest of the episode.


We got a little bit further into Gloria’s storyline, and she’s making some progress. We saw that she was told by Pierson, that she needed to free the hostages, in order for her to get released from prison. And she went into full force. She decided that in order to even get close to the guards, she needed to be part of guard duty. That in itself was a feat, but now that she’s in, can she follow through? Also, on a side note, it made me a little sad to see her fight with Aleida. They’ve been good friends, and at this point, they’re ending on a sour note.

The Negotiation cont.

There wasn’t a lot of negotiations being done in this episode, but I was so happy to see that Taystee realized that she needed Caputo to back her up. Caputo has always been amazing to the inmates and truly cared about them, so even though he has a past with Figueroa, he’s still willing to be on the inmates side. They mostly talked about the GED program, and we all know, as well as the inmates and Caputo, that they never had a real educational program. It’s sad that Figueroa thought they had a program, and didn’t even care that it was to teach them how to do construction.

Lorna & Suzanne

We had a weird little interaction between Lorna and Suzanne, but it strangely made sense. These characters are both emotionally unstable, and Lorna realized that Suzanne needed to be set free from her setbacks. What I didn’t agree with, was that Lorna decided that Suzanne didn’t need to be on her medications. Even though I agree that Suzanne needs to be herself, she also needs to maintain a stable life, which medication somewhat helps her with. Overall, I think it was just cool to see them together, because they don’t run within the same groups.