Funko, one of the largest, if not largest producers of collectibles is stepping it’s market share up once again with it’s own Funko store in Everett Washington on Saturday August 19th. I’ll be taking a trip up to Washington to check out the event, details are still kept relatively quiet but we do know that the ribbon cutting is going to be at 9:30 am with the store officially opening at 10 am.

They have also teased that this event will have exclusives items that you can only find at the store, and things you can only get from this opening event! That is exciting but we are unsure what that is, they have mentioned they will announce some exclusives soon likely on Twitter. I will be excited to get a chance to see the history as I haven’t been a collector very long, while seeing new and exciting offerings.

If you are near Everett Washington they also are advertising giveaways, food trucks, photo and signature opportunities with the president Brian Moriotti! Some unconfirmed reports are that this even is expected to bring thousands and thousands of people into the area. If you are a local maybe you decide to wait until it’s not as crazy or you come to meet Funatics around the globe.

It’s going to be a fun weekend regardless with the shop and so many people in town, I’ll be coming in Friday and leaving Sunday, if you are in the area do you have any good spots to check out? If so I’d love to hear it, anything from a great site, to a great food spot, to a great chill spot.

The address for the event is 2802 Wetmore Ave, Everett, WA 98201.