The Television Critics Association is like the Olympics of TV. Every network does presentations about their most promising new and returning shows, and they parade out their coolest stars.

For Hulu, one of those shows is Mindy Kaling’s The Mindy Project so naturally, they brought out Kaling, showrunner Matt Warburton & everyone’s favourite Morgan, Ike Barinholtz to talk about their plans for the final season.

It’s definitely going to be an emotional one according to Kaling, by the end, the audience should feel fulfilled. The writers wanted it to feel like this whole part of Mindy Lahiri’s life really was a project and a learning experience.

When asked about the final episode and the final scene by The Hollywood Reporter, Mindy had this to say:

I really have a fondness and affection for the pilot and I think it did a lot of cool things that I hadn’t seen in a show before. So we really studied it in a way that I haven’t for the beginnings of others seasons — and really the whole first season — looking back six years ago when I had just come from The Office and what I was trying to say back then. I feel like we don’t revisit our younger idealistic selves, you just get in this pattern of churning these episodes out. Now I was like, “Let’s try and get in my mind back then,” because my life personally has changed so much, too. I just thought, “What was I trying to say? And now can I make it look like it was all part of one larger story.”

She also mentioned that while it won’t all be tied up in a neat bow, there will be a “happy ending” that she went on to stress did not necessarily mean romantically.

“We are trying to leave the audience … by showing she had some growth,”

All your favourites will be making final appearances on the show, including Tracey Wigfield, Adam Pally, The Duplass Brothers, Anders Holm, Tommy Dewey, and everyone’s favourite Italian Meatball, Chris Messina. Messina is returning for a multi-episode arc, and it will be interesting to see their dynamic now that they are both married to other people and (probably) unhappy in said marriages.

Each of the supporting cast members will also get episodes dedicated to them and more deeply explored storylines. Warburton acknowledged that while the audience is leaving this group, their lives will continue to move forward and they will continue to be together, so they are giving the audience a glimpse into that life and clues about where that character might end up, but they don’t get a tidy wrap up with a bow either.

There will also be new guest stars this season like Modern Family’s Julie Bowen who will mommy-shame Mindy, and Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty) in a recurring role as a doctor from a competing practice that patients are choosing to go to instead of Jody (can you blame them tbh).

Oh and that neck brace? it’s not a prop, Barinholtz injured himself doing stunts for his new movie and thankfully he’s okay – but Mindy decided to write the injury into the show. It happens in the most Morgan way possible, he falls out of his bunk-bed.


Courtesy of NBCUniversal

The Mindy Project’s 10 episode final season begins streaming on Hulu September 12th, new episodes stream every week. (Canadian fans can check out CityTV weekly for new episodes, and Netflix Canada after all 10 episodes have aired.)