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With it’s second episode, Insecure sets the vibe and the tone of the rest of the season in motion. Issa deals with the worlds quickest hate fuck and the feelings it gave her, Molly tries to join the boys club at work, Lawrence is still pretending to be a victim, and Tasha’s Instagram is special.

Despite the fact that we could all tell their moment on the couch was not in the least bit romantic, Issa is still holding out hope early in this episode that she has a shot with Lawrence. Molly is trying to be the supportive friend and not shoot down this half-crazy plot, but she also doesn’t want Issa to lie to herself and get heartbroken. #yaaasfemalefriendship. Whenever she feels Iss lying, all Molly has to say is MALIBU and they become super honesty with each other, further proof of how important that trip was for them and for their friendship and how best friends can get around the fake stuff and down to the real issues.

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In her own life, Molly is still trying to get her paycheck elevated to match that of the white men in her firm. She’s ranting about the unfairness to her therapist and getting heated, but once the Doctor pushes for more, Molly retreats, saying she’ll do what she has to do and it should all work itself out eventually. This is such a typical attitude in black women and other women of colour who are all too familiar with the work twice as hard for half as much mantra. Molly knows the system is against her, the patriarchy, the sexism, the racism, all are systemic problems that she cannot change, the only thing she can do is not think about the isms and grind until she achieves her life goals. Obviously it’s some bullshit that she has to jump through hoops for equal pay and equal opportunity, but for her day-to-day, it is what it is. So she sucks it up, goes to a hockey game with the male partners and thinks she’s making real “friendship” headway until the next day, the boss is still chummy with the white male and dismissive of her jokes.

We get to see more of Tiffany & Kelli as well, and Tiff gets some room to grow when we find out that her marriage isn’t perfect, that her husband slept in a hotel for the last whatever for doing whatever but they’re great now. Her facade of perfection breaks a little and the real woman underneath is so much more interesting. Kelli is still awesome as always, referring to Issa’s “lit” party and cracking herself up. She also breaks the news to Issa about Lawrence & Tasha, which breaks Issa’s heart a little, sends her into the bathroom for some recuperating and ***flawless rapping until Molly shows up and they insta stalk that bitch.

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At We Got Y’all, Issa & Frieda are still struggling to get kids involved in the program so they seek help from the vice principal. He has an anti-Latinx attitude, implying that the program is failing because he had paired them with a Latinx teacher (and not because she’s an art teacher who has to teach geometry.) He also jokes about building a wall to keep the kids out. Frieda is super shook by this blatant racism because she’s a white woman so she goes home, stress-watches 13th, and tweets at Ava DuVernay (everyone should do this, and by this I mean watch 13th, not annoy Queen Ava on Twitter.) Issa wasn’t as reactive to the casual racism because ~unfortunately~ she’s seen worst and she knows that reacting to this incident and taking the program out of the school would only have negative impacts on the very kids they’re trying to help.

Lastly let’s talk about Lawrence and Tasha. It’s eating at him that he slept with Issa, so while they’re watching the (probably Shonda Rhimes) show-within-a-show (featuring Scott Foley!) and she’s trying to invite him to her family barbecue, he just blurts it out. Tasha kicks his ass out but when he comes back to apologize a few days later (after having spoken to Molly who was sent near his workplace by Issa for some reckon work), she accepts it and invites him in for dinner. Lawrence is acting like he was completely not responsible for the downfall of his relationship and it’s a little annoying – let’s not forget the pilot episode was literally about what a trash boyfriend he was, but now he gets to play the good guy and string Tasha along.

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Did Molly tell Issa the truth about Lawrence being done with her? It seemed like he wasn’t so sure when they were talking. What will happen with the racist vice-principle and everything Issa has done to get this school interested, will Frieda fuck everything up? Will Molly ever really share with her therapist and deal with her shit? Will Daniel ever come back because I miss him. Find out the answers to these questions and more (probably) on a new Insecure, Sundays on HBO.