Hello Hello, and welcome my lovelies. As you know, unless you live under a rock, and even then, I am sure Patrick knew, last week was San Diego Comic Con. 4 days of Comics, TV Shows, Games, and everything in between. Sadly, I do not live in the West Coast, instead find my home in South Florida (SoFlo for Lyfe!). Also, unlike most years, this year, Comic Con did not live stream any of their panels. Luckily, after spending a few days bouncing between news and media outlets, I think I have a decent picture of the people’s reaction to main parts of this game- Marvel Powers United VR, which came out July 26th, 2018 ( 7 days after the Marvel Gaming Panel) as well as the New Spide Man game, which comes out September 7th, 2018.

The Powers United VR game for the Occulus Rift puts you as the man hero or heroine. Choosing from playing 18 characters, ranging from Deadpool, Hulk, Black Widow, to some less recognizable characters like Crystal of the Inhumans, Captain Marvel, or Iceman. From the trailer, it looks like the game is pretty large, and as the first reviews from players roll in, it is quite well received. Each character has their own fighting mechanics, which can be difficult with multiplayer choices. Some games have different skins, but same attack styles. Powers seems to be breaking at mold, even more so in the first person. Given that Hulk is more physical, tank like with his attacks, yet Iceman uses ice from a distance, I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy to feel it for myself. The only downside is it is more of a horde game- Player fights through waves of baddies to get to the next point.

The other important announcement is the new Marvel’s Spider Man, who’s current release date September 7th, 2018. Now, please don’t judge too hard, but for the wife of a Spider Man fanatic, I know I missed a lot of the bad guys showcased in the trailer. Still, I did catch Mr. Negative, who will be played by Martin Li and showcased in the Panel, talking about his audition. Yuri Lowenthal, the voice of Spiderman in the Upcoming game was also on the panel. The other baddies I caught in the video was Kingpin, Shocker, Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, and Vulture. I am a hardcore X-Box fan, but with the announcement they are releasing a special PS4 System in a bundle package, might sell my soul and get my hubby the game for Christmas.

A lot of people asked about why there was no Marvel cinematic panel, but with the potential merger still in the air, I completely understand the lack of panel. Luckily, in case you haven’t heard, Disney and Century Fox have officially accepted the merger, putting X-Men in the same house as MCU! I for one love the new X-Men group, and the fact they could now enter the rest of the Marvel movies makes me more excited than I dare to admit. I cannot wait until Deadpool enters the mansion and makes a joke about the budget being increased to more than 2 X-Men. In fact, the merger was agreed by the shareholders in a 99 to 1 vote.